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I finally have the money to pay for my First build, And I was just wondering: Is this Mobo's Integrated Processor/Graphics/Heatsink + 4 Gig's of G. Skill DDR3 RAM sufficient enough for light-gaming?

NOTE: I'm not planning on playing ANY Graphics-Intensive games ( Like BF2, MW2, Crysis 2, ETC. )


Another Question: Do the new AMD APU's have ATI Radeon Graphics Integrated? Or do they just have a Graphics Controller for Onboard/Dedicated Graphics?

If someone could give me some advice on this I'd GREATLY appreciate it!

- Grady :)



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I don't know, what type of games do you want to play?

In my opinion, I don't think that motherboard is going to be good for you. For one it gets you only 10FPS on games with the lowest possible IQ setting and for two, it seems to be designed for ITX computers, unless that is what you want to be going for.

Also how much are you spending on this system?


Grady56 wrote:

Do the new AMD APU's have ATI Radeon Graphics Integrated?

Yes, it's on the chip, I have the A8-3850 APU and it's good for light to medium gaming. I used the socket F1, ASRock A75M-HVS motherboard with it. Mine has an additional Radeon GPU added for more performance. (the discrete card works together with the APU's built-in AMD Radeon HD 6000 Graphics)

The difference that I see is that the one you're looking at is a dual core and mine is a quad core, and  it has the AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics built-in to it. Most of the reviews are talking about using these for HTCP and streaming video,....not gaming.

Also,....the single PCI Express x16 slot, is only running at x4 speeds, so any upgrade path in the future is shot down already.

LOOK AT THIS ONE WITH A FASTER CPU  Just as an example of other things that are out there.

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