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There's something about the allure of a gaming notebook. Even mainstream users, not necessarily hellbent on frame rates and decked-out designs, can relate to a powerful notebook with striking good looks. It's no wonder that products like Asus' G73 series of notebooks and Alienware's M series, have been some of the most viewed pages of our mobile computing section here at Similarly, Dell's recent announcement that they were expanding the Alienware M series line, to flesh out 14-inch and 18-inch versions, was met with a fair bit of buzz as well.  The 14" model especially caught our eye, striking a nice size and weight compromise between the soon to arrive 18" behemoth and the rather svelte M11x we looked at not long ago.

So, of course we reached out to Dell for a review unit and Dell was good enough to respond in short order with their new middleweight contender.  Journey on for the good stuff...


Thanks for the review Dave. This looks like a beast of machine. The lighting is a really nice touch that Dell has added in. Though I think if I personally were to spend that kind of money I probably would go with a MainGear System.


It's a great notebook for sure. Dell's Alienware division makes some pretty sweet product.


Powerhouse laptop for sure. My alienware was good for gaming while it lasted but it ran so hot so at least it sounds like they were able to take care of heating issues with these latest models.


"A nice little monster thats for sure, the only thing that I'm not wild about is the glossy screen and the price, but Alienware and Dell makes some wicked Mobile machines. I just feel that their Desktop Lineup design needs a complete overhaul, its no attractive anymore and they are not aggressive anymore with overclocking.'



Gaming laptops are a joke. Expensive whilst having bad performance. We need those desktop grade GPUs externally now! Sony started it but put a crappy lowend mobile GPU in it...make the whole external thing useless.


$500 cheaper, higher quality, faster ( cpu and GPU) , full HD screen......


Paintace, good to have you with us. That's a nice machine from Asus for sure but a larger form-factor, so a different animal really. It has the same CPU, not faster but the 460M in the Asus machine is faster than the 555M in the M14x. It's a trade-off really -- size vrs horsepower for the dollar. Both machines have their merits.

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>> The 8-cell battery in the M14x is self-contained and cannot be removed or replaced.

Yikes... I like it otherwise, but that kind of bites. That means that almost no one's going to make replacement batteries. So, when it's dead in a few years, you can pay Alienware a premium to replace the battery, or throw what would be a great web-book/office machine in the trash (it probably won't be good for playing Windows games at that point, but it would be a kick-ass software development box).


What most laptop reviews are missing is more information about the hardware that's in the unit.

Simply running Lavalys Everest Ultimate or it's replacement will reveal exactly which LCD screen is used,what the stock wireless card is,which ODD is in there and more info about the camera,USB chips,sound,and lan.

I'm sure many potential buyers would like to know exactly what they're getting.

There's a lot more to a laptop than just the CPU and GPU..


We typically have done this another way, via showing a screenshot from device manager. However, I like the idea of being able to detect display manufacturer etc. I'll look into this. Thanks for your feedback, SH.


"The 8-cell battery in the M14x is self-contained and cannot be removed or replaced."

This does not seem to be correct. See Dell's website for instructions on replacing the M14x's battery (


Alienware M14x,I like it,give a super expirence for gaming.

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