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In recent months we've covered PCI Express-based SSDs from virtually all the major players, from Fusion-io to, OCZ and LSI.  The last time we took a look at OCZ's offering, the RevoDrive X2 took to the test bench for us and with its MLC-based design, offered much of the performance of significantly more expensive SLC-based PCI Express SSDs, but at a fraction of the cost.  Today the third coming of the RevoDrive from OCZ is upon us, with all new technology on board, from its Flash controllers to the RAID processor.  With read/write specs that will make you drool, the RevoDrive 3 X2 is here and if it lives up to its specifications on paper, we think you're going to want to stick around for the intimate details...

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That thing is a beast!

It would take 3 Vertex 3s to match the speeds of this 1 drive. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

My question is... is there a way to RAID these things yet? lol


That is some crazy fast performance on the RevoDrive 3. I'm fairly impressed but like was mentioned they need to work out the 64-bit performance issues; I will certainly consider getting my first SSD from OCZ, definitely one of the lesser priced options though.  Thanks for the review Dave.


I know what I'm upgrading my desktop to now. Well, I'll make sure they have the 64-bit drivers fixed so I can boot fine.


wow. that. is. fast. great review dave.


OCZ IMO is a leader in the SSD space.

The Hard Drive is the biggest bottleneck in today's machines.

I would love to have a simple SSD I could only imagine this bad boy!


Thanks all! Glad you enjoyed it.


Freaking amazing... Agreed on the 64-bit issue though, that is going to make it a tough sell for servers since just about all of them now at 64-bit and even home machines are going that route.


The 64-bit driver issue is temporary and I'm hearing revised final product will be shipping in the next week or two.


Amazing. Can't wait for these technologies to drop price.


"I honestly thought that we would have to wait at least Q2-Q3 2012 for a PCI Express SSD of this caliber to be priced so affordable (240GB) yet so fast, amazing . I see that it still has the power stand by bug, but OCZ will worked that out, which is why this article is still tagged as a Preview."

"Off course, the suggested retail price is $699, but knowing OCZ and Newegg, I expect $649 (240GB) when it debuts, and maybe $500 to $549 around the holidays."


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Woah! Now those are amazing speeds. OCZ has made themselves a preemo SSD here and the price is certainly reasonable enough.

It does feel like SSD's have been around a long time and therefore the prices would be lower but then again, there isn't a mass avaliability of SSD's (except in Best Buy stores everywhere) so the prices are still reasonable, for now.


These speed are just crazy fast and the comparisons on the tests really give a great reference to compare.It seems to me that a whole new generation of computing experience is evolving at such a blistering rate and what i think Dave refereed to in a vidcast about being a generation away from 'blowing some doors off or something like is just a little hop and skip away [cpu/gpu].

these major changes need drives that perform like this.>>.this is big-time performance.

and surely  not to be a  problem with 64 bit drivers when these guys are out retail.



Nice specs and review guys! I don't know if all these articles are doing me any good. it just makes me want to buy them... 😞 lol


Great review,......again, I suggest that one or two be given away in one of the sweet HH giveaway PC's! Heh-Heh!


Wait, did you hear that sound? that was the budget screaming!