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25: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - June 13, 2011In this latest episode of HotHardware’s Two and Half Geeks, Dave, Iyaz and Marco talk about AMD’s recently released “Llano” A-Series APU, discuss highlights from the first AMD Fusion Developers Summit which took place in Seattle last week, MSI’s well-balanced GT683R gaming notebooks with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 560M, and give a sneak peek at an upcoming ultra high performance, PCI Express-based Solid State Drive from OCZ. We also talk about our ongoing “Dads and Grads” giveaway, which will be winding down next week!

Show Notes:
01:40 - AMD Fusion: A8-3500M A-Series Llano APU Review
05:05 - ARM VP Responds To Questions On Partnerships with AMDMicrosoft Demos C++ AMP
09:01 - OCZ RevoDrive X3 Sneak Peek
11:44 - MSI GT683R-242US With GeForce GTX 560M Review
14:05 – HotHarware’s Dads and Grads Gaming Rig Giveaway!


Double secret probation... 😃 Wait here is one 😛 LOL

Im always active in the "farm" 😃 😞 lol

Great video :)


Wahoo, double secret probation is the word of the day.

Another smashing broadcast, I hope all of you fathers did not have to work too long on fathers day.

Can't wait for the build video as I am sure a lot of other folks are waiting for it.

The article about C++ AMP seems like some pretty crazy new concepts but totally makes sense.

Do you think we are going to see ARM/AMD/GPU on a single die anytime in the next year or so...


Great webcast! Looking forward to the RevoDrive review later this month. I really didn't care about the first gen so hopefully they've corrected most of the issues like you said. Can't wait to see the build video! Happy fathers day to you guys!

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Hey now, I find Dave's shaving very fascinating! :P

By the way why is it when I try to watch these it always refreshes my pg about half way through the vid? Sometimes I have to go through it 3 times to actually watch the whole webcast :S


Watch it all the way though with out pausing. There is an auto refresh and has been issues in the past, but they have increased it and i can finish the whole thing before it refreshes.

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I've tried without pausing and it still does it 😞 Oh well not a huge deal, Dave's face is worth the frustration HAHA


Great cast. Keep em rolling!


Another great Two and A Half Geeks video. Over a gigabyte read and write is just sick. I was reading about the Revodrive and the IOPS it was producing and the drive itself is just a beast. Time is finally winding down for the Dad's and Grad's giveaway so I am sure everybody is excited about that, I know I'm just pumped to see who gets that piece of HotHardware. *fingers crossed*


Another great vidcast and looking forward to seeing the build video.I agree with you guys that we are a just about a generation hop and skip away from some real mainstream advancements.Felt your pain with the transportation fiasco you encountered Dave. & Happy Father's Day to all, I was able to wish my nephew ['da Rock singer] a Happy Father's Day for the first time yesterday.

A Great theme with the current giveaway, a lot of 'good vibes going on within the community.

...meanwhile Hanging on to my good 'ol lucky rabbit 's foot ..'cause my avatar ate the rest..


"A lot of good info about the new RevoDrive, can't believe we mortals, based on the price Dave gave out,  are going to have access to those "ludicrous speed"


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I can't wait for the highly anticipated build video; I'm sure it'll be awesome.

OptimusPrimeTime is right when he says ludicrous speeds. I mean it's 300MBs faster, that makes all of the difference in the world.