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You know the drill by now: NVIDIA releases a new GPU, and pre-fab PC makers jump at the chance to upgrade their machines with the latest and greatest. This week, the GTX 560M was revealed for notebooks, and sure enough, it looks as if Origin PC was working in conjunction with NVIDIA. The reason? Because Origin has just made the 560M available on all of their laptops, including the beastly EON-17S.

Pricing on those machines varies based on what other components you stuff in there, but trust us: the 560M isn't cheap. But what else would you expect from an option that just became available within the past 24 hours? That's the price of living on the bleeding edge, but at least the option is there if you want it. Impulse buyers, take note!

Origin's pc's are not for the feint of heart especially when you look at the price 🙂 I am sure the ladies man over at Maingear is not very far behind.


That was super fast! I'm afraid to go look at the price, it just depresses me because I can't afford it! I agree I bet we hear this announcement for the ex-l 17 3D soon.


Where's that 4.8GHz overclock laptop for testing? I wanna see the thermals testings and the performance on that monster!!


Still trying to weigh the bennifits of having a HTPC/gamer instead of going with a console. The price really is going to be a factor in that one!