After a major messing around session getting a PC fixed, we appear to have a problem now with a flickering monitor. We have downloaded the latest drivers for both the monitor (named above) and the graphics card (Radeon X1950) but still have the same problem. Tried Googling solutions but nothing appears to help. We are using a DVI cable.

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Did you try using a VGA cable? Does the issue persist when you use the VGA cable?


What's the refresh rate that you're using in the system's configuration? S/B set at 59 to 60 Hz. refresh rate.

What screen resolution are you using? 22" screens usually like 1680X1050 and not 1920X1080.

Is what you have it set at the suggested resolution for the screen?

Has the video card been paired with this screen prior to this problem? Did it work well then?

Can you go into the monitor's setup screens and reset everything to default settings?


Turns out it's (seemingly) a dodgy connection on the video card. It looks to be running ok now, thankfully he has another port on the back of the video card.