Congrats Coolice! Welcome to the club !

Guys... I'm as dudely as a dude can be.... apart from my taste in music!!

I was just trying to best show HOW HAPPY I AM!!! because Hot Dang! this is awesome!! The reason i'm soo happy is because over the past ~10 months, close to a year, i've been accumulating money to retire my current desktop.... and this is like a blessing.

$500 (i've accumulated $438 to be exact) means i can take another course at my school, or invest in a suit... the last time i bought a suit was ~3 years ago and being a business student... 1 jacket aint take a man too far. I'm not a religious person, but this has truly come as a blessing!

Excited?? HELL YEAA, this PC doesnt only mean a new computer, it means i can spend i get some extra education, invest in something else i need.

Truly HH (including everyone) i am in debt to you!

Thank you sou soo much!!


Super Major Congrats Again coolice !!  I know you are going to love it !!

Way to GO !  I told you So  ! You truly deserve it !  and Enjoy ![:)]


coolice wrote:

SCREAM LIKE I WON THE OSCAR for best female actor

naw you don't have to that ! there's the T-Rex track for ya in the video thread   To Bang A Gong ! [:D]



Sweet; Mega congrats coolice, and your even my friend AWESOME. I was actually thinking it may be you as you are very active, and with some good posts. That's sweet! Enjoy!

Guys you are far too kind!

I am too addicted to this website is all.... as soon as i wake up, the first thing i do is jump the computer and start hovering around haha. so if someone keeps tracks of my involvement... you'll see some REALLY wacky times.... posting at 4:30 in the morning hahaha.

I always look forward to what you guys have to write as well! Its always a pleasure to read them .

Once again gents and HH, Arigato Gozaimasu


Congrats coolice thats a tight machine! By the way you already mentioned the video so im going to hold you to that. I bet you're pumped right now because I couldn't settle down when I won. Any plans for it? I bet you want to crossfire that 6870 pretty bad. Have fun with that thing


LOL, CONGRATS coolice!

Well Lifeskills,

at the moment i have absoultely nothing planned for it. I'm not a gamer by any means and i only use after effects once in a blue moon to make videos for student groups at school and what not.

I think because this is such a beast of a machine, i'll be using it to fold@home or contribute to something haha. Buuuut I am excited nonetheless!! cant wait.

Annnnd Fine.. i'll make a video of it in use!! hahah

Thanks once again!


Way to go Coolice...........need pictures after you get it setup!

And pictures you shall get!

Some one should send a copy of crysis 2 his way so he can really test out the rig.



fat78 wrote:

Some one should send a copy of crysis 2 his way so he can really test out the rig.


YEAAA That would be Sweeeet!! hahah, but i think the computer is already Waayy to much hahah. Oh man, still pumped that i won. Cant believe it. Feels soo surreal!


Congradulations Coolice, make sure that you post pictures of that sweet rig.

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Congrats Coolice for winning a sweet machine, can't wait to see the pics.


coolice wrote:

Well Lifeskills, at the moment i have absoultely nothing planned for it.


Im sure there is plenty of members here that would be glad to help you with that problem! LOL Im sure it wont be a problem long though soon as you open the box it will come to you! Good win congrats again and enjoy![:D]

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