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My Son wants to purchase an illuminated keyboard, so I thought you guys might like to take a look at some of the more interesting stuff we've looked at:


Razer BlackWidow Ultimate illuminated mechanical keyboard



XArmor U9BL LED backlit mechanical keyboard



Zippy BL-741 color gradation illuminated keyboard


I personally like the Zippy, but SuperRob is undecided as I post this.


why not look into the one thats being offered in the sweepstakes?

Thermaltake Challenger Pro


Brightness adjustable and from the looks of it, the light doesnt shine through the keys, but rather theres a glow under them. something about that i like a lot more than light shining through.

good luck on your hunt!

PS i like the look of the Zippy as well.. keys look more like a laptop, just need a light press to type, i like that personally.

Der Meister

I have a G15 v2 keyboard.  I got it free from a friend who bought two on accident and later broke the arm of my office chair, so he repaid me with a keyboard.  I like the media buttons/windows key lock, and LEDs, don't ever really use the LCD or macro keys though.  I was torn between this keyboard and one of Razer's until I was given this one.


I decided to get the Zippy one off of newegg. Unfortunately they shipped it from the New Jersey plant instead of the one in California which is a few miles from my house. Wierd...


I now  have a Razer Lycossa which was a gift for me's  pretty sharp and snappy .and in the short time I've used it .seems pretty good so far .


rrplay wrote:

I now  have a Razer Lycossa which was a gift for me's  pretty sharp and snappy .and in the short time I've used it .seems pretty good so far .

I second that.  It's more basic than some keyboards out there but I like the way the keys feel and I don't really need many of the bells and whistles that the Black Widow has.  I wish I had have gone with it instead of trying to save a few bucks with the Arctosa.



one of pesky little problem that i noticed with the Razer Lycossa keyboard was that occasionally some of the keys would just simply drop out as well as Windows media player popping up senselessly .Even with updated software etc   a little goggling resulted that several other owners were also affected by this and it was in certain serial numbers. some quick fixes were to exchange for another unit that may have the same problem . other quick fixes were to place a coin on the touch pad .etc
After reading what may be entailed in sending it back to Razer was to provide a pic of the Usb cable cut or pay for shipping .I took a few minutes to find a bit more info that would remedy the problem.

took about 10 minutes to do so and if careful you are going to have 1 screw left over which is the culprit and fix

at least so far no 'dropped keys' and replugging the usb cable back in.

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G15 V2 hands down. It's a decent illuminated keyboard (if your kid loves orange.) and for a keyboard it types pretty well.


I have a cheap Saitek keyboard that I got on sale and love it blue LED's


i got a plain old stock keyboard... but my dad back when i lived with him popped out all the keys and fitted the glow-in-the-dark stars that go on the walls in between the keys and when i get on my keyboard at night it glows :D


I had the G15 before and I loved it as my first gaming keyboard.  Now just recently I got a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate and I must say this thing is beastly.  It has some real weight behind it and the typing with mechanical keys feels much faster.  The only problem I had with the BlackWidow is my spacebar would strike the right alt every so often causing some problems in typing.  The customer support told me how to fix that issue and all is well.

So to recap although I do miss that little screen up top on the G15, I feel like this keyboard is so much more responsive and still pretty feature heavy.