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On thing that could bother some netbook buyers is the lack of an internal hard drive. Even Apple's MacBook Air line lacks them. Many machines are shipping these days without an optical drive, partly because more and more things are streaming and partly because it's a cost/space savings. But sometimes, there's just no good alternative for having an optical drive on hand.

LaCie's new Slim Blu-ray is meant to be your go-to drive in those situations. This new USB 2.0 Blu-ray burner is sleek and slim, meant to fit in your laptop carry-on and be accessible for those times when you need to burn or watch a Blu-ray or DVD (or CD). At $249.99, it's actually fairly cheap to be a BD burner, with a max burn rate of 6x on BD and 8x on DVD. It's available today and ships with a CyberLink software suite and a 2-year warranty.

Powerful, Mobile, and Complete.

Record, Author, and Share
The LaCie Slim Blu-ray records, rewrites, and plays back high definition (HD) video. You don't need an AC adapter, since it's bus-powered, which enhances convenience.* Best of all, its portable form factor means you can take it anywhere.

Archive Your Most Important Files
Now you can store large amounts of music, movies, and photos on a single disc with complete peace of mind. The LaCie Slim Blu-ray drive's writing process ensures authenticity and longevity on sturdy write-once discs with an enhanced scratch-resistant hard coating surface.

Experience High Definition
BD-ROM doesn't mean only high-definition video. With the LaCie Slim Blu-ray, enjoy an HD movie with vibrant sound. Blu-ray offers up to eight channels at 192kHz/32 streams of audio quality. Store up to four hours of HD video on a 50GB** disc−about 10 times as much as a DVD.

Enjoy Easy Backup with Cyberlink
This state-of-the-art drive comes bundled with the Cyberlink Blu-ray Disc Suite, which includes nine programs that let you burn, edit videos, and even photos easily and quickly. It's a complete software suite, ensuring you've got everything you need. 

I wasn't sure if USB 2 connections had the bandwidth to deal with BluRay connections. Now I know,....


realneil wrote:

I wasn't sure if USB 2 connections had the bandwidth to deal with BluRay connections. Now I know,....

That makes two of us !! But this is just a press release, I'm still not convinced it can play blu-ray movies fluidly ,would like a review!!


Yeah..But does it do 3D :P


seems like a nice convenient peripheral if it does work as intended

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USB 2.0 has a theoretical bandwidth of 60MB/s more reallistically people see 30MB/s.

1080p bitrate is between 3MB/s and 17MB/s depending on format, and framerate, etc.

SO, these things SHOULD have plenty of bandwidth available to them. Assuming you don't have a million things running off USB to begin with lol


Does it take a lot of CPU power for the software to play BluRay?


DeltaSquad49 wrote:

Does it take a lot of CPU power for the software to play BluRay?

I don't have a good answer to that because I watch on a Quad-Core with 8GB of RAM. (it works fine here though)

I'm tempted to pull one of the BluRay readers out and put it into an old PC to see how it works now,.....



LaCie makes external disc drives? Is it a burner? if so it would be perfect for me. they went the usb 2.0 way hmm i thought they might have gone the 3.0 way.


twistedfate wrote:

LaCie makes external disc drives?

Yeah, popular with the Mac crowd because of FireWire 400 and 800 connectivity features on most of them. Expensive as can be too.


Hmm that seems likely. So i bought a flash drive from them and it died after the warranty ended so i really don't like them so much anymore