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Apple TV Wireless HD Media Streamer ReviewIn early September, Steve Jobs took to the stage and unveiled the new-and-improved Apple TV. What was once considered a “hobby” device was reworked, streamlined, made more affordable, and aimed squarely at the masses. It enters an increasingly crowded market of devices that offer near-instant access to libraries of recent movies and TV shows, as well other online streaming media content from the likes of Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr. Not to mention the ability to also stream media you already own—videos, music, and photos—from your computer to your TV and audio system.

The Apple TV comes with a consumer-friendly price tag of $99, which is sure to give the likes of Roku, WD TV HD Media Player, and Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV HD Media Player devices a run for their money. You can even add the myriad of Google TV devices we’re sure to see coming to market in the coming months to the growing list of devices that are vying for the precious HDMI connections on the back of our HDTVs...

Apple TV Wireless HD Media Streamer Review


Good review. I don't like the limitations that are a major part of this device. There are many other ways to do what this does without restrictions. The lack of Full resolution stinks too. Sorry Fruit Guys, this is a fail..



The biggest problem with the Apple TV, other than the limits, is that it does not provide anything new.  If you own a PS3 or XB360, you already have everything and more that it offers.  If you buy a new TV, you'll already have almost everything it offers.

Granted it is very easy to control and lick looking, but it is just another expensive digital rental device.  The streaming features are not is major focus.  It's major focus is to get you more tightly tied into the iTunes'verse.

Anand did a very extensive review of this device a month ago.  I've read reviews from several other sources and most of them boil down to "Slick look, but too little too late to join the party".  Heck, if price is your target, the Roku HD is $40 cheaper.