I just wanted to share my story with ya'll since it has such a happy ending. We own a 46" Samsung DLP that we bought 4-5 years ago. About a month ago we noticed a dead pixel. I thought it was strange because I didn't realize DLP's could get dead pixels. Over the course of the past month we got more and more dead pixels on the screen. So I started to do some research. I found many people with a similar issue and it seems to be caused by the DMD chip. So I call up Samsung to see if it is something I could just swap out like a cpu in a computer. Samsung explains that it's not something that I can order and do myself but offer to have a technician repair it at no charge to me this 1 time. I was shocked since the TV is well past it's warranty. Sue enough a technician from a local electronics store comes out and replaces the DMD chip. We did not pay a single penny and our TV works perfect again.

Now I have known for awhile that Samsung makes great products and have purchased many of them myself. I however did not realize that they back their product so strongly. Regardless if it's a common problem with their sets or not, the fact that they offered to fix it at no charge to me when it's well out of warranty speaks alot for a company imo. I plan to purchase many more Samsung products in the future for this reason. They make great products and they stand behind them. What more can you ask for.


That's pretty awesome. Logitech has done good by me like this. I bought a G5 and it died after a year. Just starts to randomly stop working. I called them and within 5 minutes I had another on the way. All I did was give them my P/N and S/N and they sent one out. Same thing happened again 6 months later. Same issue it would stop working for a second then come back. This time the sent me a G500. Now I doubt they have made money off that deal, but I recommend them over razer for this very reason. They have made quite a bit off my recommendations. To many companies look at the short term profit and not realizing that something like this goes a really really long way in good will and future sales.