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Chris Ball, the Lead Software Engineer for the OLPC project, made a series of announcements this week about the direction the low-cost laptop is taking, not the least of which is the addition of a multitouch display. That's right folks, the next iteration of the XO laptop -- XO-1.75 -- will sport a touchscreen display, and so will upcoming XO tablets.

"We've begun working on modifications to Sugar to enable touchscreen and multitouch use (the XO-1.75 will have a touchscreen, as will future OLPC tables based on its design), and we'll continue to do so," Ball said. "The first outcome from this work is Sayamindu Dasgupta's port of the Meego Virtual Keyboard to Sugar -- you can see a screencast of it in action here."

In addition, Bell indicated that Fedora will continue to serve as the base distribution for XO-1.75 as the platform transitions from x86 hardware to ARM. Since ARM is not a release architecture in Fedora, Bell said the OLPC project is hard at work helping out with a port.

i rather have the physical keyboard then a touchscreen one, it annoys me soo much when trying to type on a touchscreen keyboard. But nice addition they are making.


Yeah, nice tech, but not for me. I never officially learned how to type, but overtime I got fast because of tactile feedback letting me know where my fingers and thumbs are. With this I'd constantly have to look down at the keyboard to make sure my fingers aren't wondering off (kinda the same reason I can't play DDR, I'd wonder off the mat over time).

Dude I wish that they would come out with a tablet like the one in the pic above soon, it would be grate for the kids its going to go to.

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Touchscreen keyboards just can't keep up with me. I type very fast... even on a small keyboard like the qwerty on my tilt. I've tried typing fast on touch screens and it just misses half of the letters... I guess that's what happens when you type at 80-100wpm lol


If they are designed for kids, they they have to make them very flexible and durable!

It would be more likely to have a pull out scroll plastic screen like in sci-fi.