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HP EliteBook 8440w Core i7 Notebook ReviewSplitting the difference. Satisfying the niche. Exploiting an opportunity. All of those phrases could be used to accurately describe what HP has done here with the new EliteBook 8440w. It's one of the smaller options in the expanding EliteBook family, yet also one of the most powerful. That's not a combination you hear of very often. In most circumstances, you'll need a larger machine in order to accommodate more powerful components within, mostly because the more powerful components emit more heat than the lower-end components. Hewlett-Packard, however, has managed to get a Core i7 Mobile processor within the frame of a 14" notebook and still keep the heat under control. What we're left with is an extremely unique machine that has fewer competitive alternatives...

HP EliteBook 8440w Core i7 Notebook Review


The comments link in the main review seems to be missing?

I then could have commented how over priced this one is for a workstation laptop with only a Quadro380 in it. I do like the design, but the GPU is soooo two years ago!

I am sure they could have found an ATI solution that would have brought it to the forefront of WS laptops. If someone has the capability to run DX11 with Open CL at home. It wouldn't really be plausible to bring the same files alone with you on the road?

This just seems like they have followed Dell in this market down to a tee! Only Dell gives you that little pullout screen which is useful for curve editors and Dope Sheets. They should really offer next Gen WS GPUs if they are looking to have professionals consider these.

The only ones this might work for are maybe storm chasers who have to compute accurate models of tornado's. Yet nothing over a Cat 3.