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I wasted about 4 hours yesterday on the ATI 10.5 driver under Linux.  I had heard that 10.5 had OpenGL improvements that fixed a lot of the Wine problems, so I decided to have a go at swapping back to  the original ATI 5870 in the hot-rod system the great guys at HH and iBuyPower gave me.

Wow...  what an exercise in futility.

Now, the reports were correct:  some major issues are fixed; all of my games now start under Wine (whereas previous drivers would deliver black screens in many Valve Source games).  BUT.... the games all end in lock-ups of the game and desktop within half an hour.  It seems to me that maybe the driver isn't properly controlling the fan speed, because the lock-ups became more and more frequent.

Rebooting into Win7 and playing the same games showed no lockups... so it's definitely a driver issue.

I replaced the card with my 9800GTX+ again, and things are completely stable again.

Getting the fglrx driver to work was an ordeal in itself, because I'm already running the Maverick Meerkat 2.6.34 kernel (Kubuntu 10.10), and removing the fglrx driver was a whole other trial.

Long story short, I'm going to need a preponderance of evidence that there's been real improvement before I give ATI another shot under Linux.  That's a shame too, since ATI is the company that's been more open with their info; allowing developers an easier path to an open driver.

Der Meister

lol so true. there windows drivers are not much to write home about either... 


Man. I am sorry you are having so much trouble with the. I was impressed by the improvements they made when I had my 4870s. But then again I never bother to game in Linux. Setting up a dual monitor set up no longer took manually editing the Xorg.conf.