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AMD already catered to the professionals this morning with new FirePrographics cards, and now the embedded market is getting some attentionas well. At Embedded Systems Conference today, AMD announced a pair ofcompletely revamped platforms for this highly important, but oftoverlooked, market sector. The two new ones are the compact ASB2platform and the high-performance AM3 platform, both of which promisevarious combos of power and performance with up to 74% improvement inperformance-per-watt over previous generations.

AMD’s new embedded platforms consist of chipset and graphics solutionsalong with high-performance CPUs as low as 8W TDP, with the main goalhere being to get more x86 systems into the wild. Buddy Broeker,director, Embedded Solutions Division, stated the following: "Thebarriers to widespread adoption of x86 in the broad embedded markethave traditionally been a combination of power, price and the physicalfootprint of the silicon. AMD’s embedded solutions have been steadilydriving down those barriers while adding enterprise-class performanceand features that may not have been readily available to designers inthe past. Our commitment to the embedded market grows stronger as welook to a future introduction of AMD Fusion technology products intothe embedded space."

Have a look at the key points from today's announcement below, and getready for AMD to power your next carputer, or auto-pilot car. Whoknows, it could happen!

Embedded industry leaders support the benefits of AMD’s approach to x86 and complete platform solutions in the market. Read what customers iBASE and Quixant have to say about %2Fembedded&esheet=6263347&lan=en_US&anchor=AMD+Embedded+Solutions&index=6&md5=ac0dcb7730d4fc3499d6920303e99e37" shape="rect">AMD Embedded Solutions.

New Platform Features

  • Faster memory with support for 2 channels DDR3
  • Improved I/O for high-throughput and real-time applications with available HyperTransport™ 3.0 technology
  • ECC for high-reliability applications like SMB/SOHO storage systems
  • Multiple CPU options that offer wide choice of performance and power
    • Power envelopes in 8, 12, 15, 25, 45, and 65 watts TDP
    • Single-, dual- and quad-core
    • Up to 2.8 GHz
  • AMD 785E chipset with support for PCI Express® 2.0
  • New ATI Radeon™ HD 4200 graphics with DirectX® 10.1, full 1080p display resolution support, HDMI, and power-savings capability with options to support multiple displays
  • Socket AM3 package, compatible with socket AM2 when using DDR2 memory for increased design flexibility and scalability
  • Lidless BGA package offers low-cost to manufacture, high reliability, and low z-height for small form factors and fan-less designs


The future is Fusion, this is just more more step to this becoming reality.

This is what integrated graphics should be.

AMD should steal one of Nvidias lines "The way it's meant to be disPLAYED"!!!!!