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Thecus Releases N8800+ Rackmount NAS Server

2U Rackmount storage server ready for 10Gb Ethernet speeds

04/08/2010 – Businesses around the world need every advantage they can get against their competitors. The faster an organization reacts, the more likely they are to come out on top. Top corporations know that speed is an essential component of competitiveness and with that in mind, digital storage leader Thecus Technology is pleased to announce the N8800+ 2U Rackmount Storage Server. With massive storage, blazing speed, and an internal PCI-E 8X slot that is compatible with next-generation 10Gb Ethernet cards, the N8800+ is the ideal network storage solution for the enterprise on the cutting-edge.

With the N8800+, performance is the name of the game. Inside the N8800+ lies an internal PCIe x8 slot, which delivers up eight times more bandwidth than the PCIe x1 slot found in the N8800. This slot makes the N8800+ fully equipped to accommodate the latest 10Gb Ethernet cards, allowing corporations to upgrade their networks to blazing-fast 10GB speeds for maximum data transfer rates and throughput. To enable smooth operation for even multiple corporate clients, the N8800+ is powered by Intel Celeron M CPU and comes loaded with 2GB of DDR2 memory, which means more productivity and less waiting around.

Companies with large storage needs will love the N8800+. Eight SATA drive bays provide up to 16TB of storage, and organizations that need more simply have to add another N8800+ to their data center using the stackable feature. Up to five N8800+es can be connected together and accessed via a master system for seamless storage expansion. All of this data can be protected via multiple RAID modes including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and JBOD, and these can be managed easily with online RAID expansion and migration. To deliver maximum uptime, the N8800+ comes with Thecus' Dual DOM design, which includes a secondary DOM designed to reprogram the primary DOM should it fail for any reason. An optional redundant power supply ensures that company data is always safe and secure, even during a power failure. And for unbeatable flexibility, the N8800+ also supports iSCSI thin provisioning, and is fully compatible with iSCSI initiators. With the popularity of  VMware, virtualization technology is now widely used in the IT world. Thecus is now the member of Technology Alliance Partner (TAP), and N8800+ is now officially VMware Ready certified.


This is interesting. We deal with some small businesses that could use something like this. Right now we use the off the rack solutions that the Egg provides.

Did Y'all get a price?