Hi guys,


I got a Thermaltake Armor case from a buddy/classmate of mine who no longer needed it (he had gotten an Antec 1200). However, the case only came with one motherboard standoff. No problem, I tell myself, I've got tons of those! But boy was there a problem. When I used my own standoffs, I realized they were a good 2mm too short! [:S] My I/O ports barely make it into the I/O shield, and I can't even plug in any PCI cards all the way. [8o|]


It seems, then, that the Thermaltake Armor uses nonstandard standoffs. I measured the one standoff I luckily had and saw that it is precisely 1cm tall (not counting the screw threading, which adds 4mm). So, does anyone have any standoffs like this lying around? I really don't care about thickness or material, or even if they're all different, I'm just looking for the right size. I would ideally need 9 to fully mount an ATX motherboard, but whatever you got that you don't need is just fine.


Sorry I dont have any laying around. But you might try directron they usually carry different sizes of standoffs.


So you are looking for a 1cm tall motherboard standoff? I'll measure the size of mine once I find a ruler.


Did that buddy/classmate just keep on the standoffs? Was he just using one when he had that case? He shouldn't need them if he got a brand new case as that should have came with it.