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Thecus Introduces 1U4600 Rackmount NAS ServerExperience TwonkyMedia Server on Thecus NAS

3/11/2010 - In today’s digitized world, NAS devices have become a part of our everyday life as more and more people are integrating NAS into their home networks to stream, share and store digital contents. With the aim to enhance the user’s home digital entertainment experience, Thecus Technology, is officially announcing that the multiple award winning TwonkyMedia Server is now supported on its NAS products.

The new TwonkyMedia server offers greater features and flexibility; it supports most DLNA-Certified and UPnP compliant devices, such as TVs, PCs, mobile devices and Digital Media Adapters (DMA). Compatibility wise, TwonkyMedia Server also supports an abundance of multimedia file formats, allowing users to stream virtually all types of videos, photos and music. Furthermore, TwonkyMedia Server can even support gaming consoles. Simply connect a PS3 or Xbox360 to the Thecus NAS, and users can immediately start streaming multimedia contents from Thecus NAS and enjoy them directly on their TV. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

The user interface of the new TwonkyMedia Server is also very intuitive. With only a few simple setup steps, users will be able to start streaming multimedia files from Thecus NAS in no time. Users also have the option to select different types of navigation trees according to the size of their media contents, assisting users to view and manage their media contents more conveniently and efficiently.

Users who wish to try out the new TwonkyMedia Server can go to Thecus Download Centre and download module. Enjoy the ultimate home entertainment experience with Thecus and TwonkyMedia Server.


I thought these were Rack servers for offices?

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Depending on the business, Twonky could still be useful. I have it installed on my arcade cabinet - it's a pretty good program.