Some of you may have noticed that I have started folding again.  I have encountered an issue I can’t seem to solve.  My work laptop is a Lenovo T400 which is equiped with an Intel Duo 2 and ATI 3470 mobility graphics.  Currently I have the SMP console client crunching away.  I also wanted to setup the GPU client on the 3470 mobility graphics.  My first attempt was to try to setup the system tray GPU client, but the install came to a halt when a prompt popped up saying, “'At present your GPU is not supported or you need a current driver. You may wish to consider running our standard client”.  This appalled me since my 3470 graphics is based off of the R600 core which the folding GPU client supports.  I figured I would try the GPU console client, and with no success ran into the same issue.  My next step was to make sure the drivers were all up to date.  I wiped out the old drivers and installed the current Catalyst drivers from the ATI website.  Figuring all would go well I ran the GPU console client again, but no luck.  Same prompt came up saying my machine didn’t support the client.  I decided to forced the GPU console client with the flag –forcegpu ati_r600.  Things started to look up.  The client started to download a core and proceeded to start folding.  The second I started to feel confident life threw a BSOD right at me.  At this point I’m all out of ideas.

Now I ask you all if you have any ideas on how to get my 3470 graphics folding?



I see you tried the suggestion on their website. Did you uninstall and reinstall the client, when you installed the ATI drivers.

I found another suggestion online, see if this helps: 


^  Thank you I will give it a try.


No problem, let me know how it works out!