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Apple just can't catch a break. In the rumor department, not thesales/performance department. Even with the holidays upon us, therumors are flaming up higher than ever, with the latest asserting thatthe company will be hosting a product event next month. Eagle-eyedfolks have noticed that Apple has reserved space in late January at avenue in San Francisco that it has typically used to unveil new gear.

The stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is all Apple's onTuesday, January 26th, and unless it enjoys paying for space that ithas no intention of using, you can pretty much bank on something beingunveiled. It makes sense when you think about it. Apple isn't going tobe doing a keynote speech at Macworld this year, and it definitelywon't be introducing something new at CES (at least, we doubt it).

So, let's say Apple does unveil something. What could it be? At thispoint, we'd be shocked if it's not some sort of tablet computer. TheJooJoo has been announced, and even OLPC has revealed that it has atablet on its mind. In other words, every major company is thinkingabout a tablet, and at this point, we'd say it's on Apple's radar aswell. Where there's smoke, there's fire--right?

Let it be,.........


Agreed. I'm not dying to see Apple's tablet really. It'll get here when it gets here. Maybe it's Apple's rumor mill responsible for all this hype?


It could be just an Apple e-Reader, but we will just have to wait a week and find out.


I'm hoping it's something else...and something completely random. At this point, an e-reader would be almost disappointing, lol.