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OCZ Agility EX Series SSD ReviewUntil recently, the price gap between SLC and MLC based solid state drives has been massive. Single-level cell drives can cost anywhere from three to four times the price of multi-level cell SSDs of the same capacity. Even for the most extreme hardware enthusiasts, it made very little sense to splurge on an SLC drive considering the value, size, and continuous performance enhancements occurring in MLC products. But now, OCZ aims to fill the price gap with the release of the most affordable SLC drive on the market. The Agility EX Series SSD features a 60GB capacity, 64MB cache, and the popular Indilinx Barefoot controller. Advertised performance is expectedly impressive, with read speed up to 255MB/s and write speed reaching 195MB/s. By combining a new, lower price point with the advantages of SLC technology, has OCZ finally produced the perfect SSD? Read on to find out...

OCZ Agility EX Series SSD Review


Cost is the biggest issue.  The fact that it uses the same controller as much cheaper and larger MLC drives, while not having a noticable perfomance advantage, makes this drive a non-issue.


If this drive were double the capacity at half the price, I would buy one today. Although it features both impressive read and write speeds, the capacity is simply too small and the price is still too high. In another year's time, SSDs may finally reach a price point that makes them accessible to price conscious shoppers, such as myself.