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HTC's Hero just sounds like a powerful phone. And with Android loadedin, it's hard to dispute the allure. But up until now, anyoneinterested in bringing one home had to purchase a GSM version inunlocked form for use on AT&T or T-Mobile, and that required quitea few hundred dollars. Starting early next month, however, all thatchanges.

Sprint, home of "The Now Network," has just announced that it will bepicking up the smartphone starting on October 11th, and it's not justthe radio that'll be changing. The CDMA Hero will also boast a slightlyrefined look, one that dose away with the so-called "chin" and goesflat like the myTouch 3G. If you're keeping tabs, this marks Sprint'sfirst-ever Android phone, and considering that it's the only carrier inAmerica to carry the world's first webOS phone, we'd say that Sprint'sphone lineup just keeps getting more and more attractive.

The device will support the network's EV-DO Rev. A system for speedy 3Gdownloads, and of course it'll handle all those great Google services(Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search, etc.) that Android devices areknown for. What's most surprising is the asking price. With the Presitting at $199 on contract, Sprint is undercutting itself in thehigh-end smartphone realm by asking just $179.99 (after a $100 mail-inrebate) with a two-year agreement. And just think--people were callingfor the downfall of Sprint just a year or so ago. Now, it's just aniPhone away from having America's most compelling smartphone lineup.