I have heard that games on PC only need, or only uses dual core when operating vs. new quad core processors.  If this is the case, any reason to build a game system with anything more than two cores? 

Thanks, Gary


I have a Quad Core. The only games I have played so far that have made much use out of the third or fourth core is GTA4 and to a lesser extent Crysis. 

Quads are great, but if gaming is your main consern then I think a faster clocked dual core will still serve most people better.


I would have to agree with Bob.  Unless you are doing graphical renderings, or encoding, there is no real need for a quad.  Although, I do love the speed of my comp.

Crisis Causer

GTA4 and Far Cry 2 make some use of more than 2 cores, so it slowly is becoming standard.  I think it's worth it to get a Quad, especially since most quads and duals overclock to the same level anyway.  Might as well have twice the cores.


For me it's not a problem, I have a Core i7 system however i overclock it to 3.8Ghz which is a way faster than any Dual-Core on the market, so games won't show performance decrease, however this is how I think about it. Even though all the guys are right with their comment, I can see that in the future there will be more and more games that will take advantage of more than just 2 cores. There are a few out already, but I don't think they will stop there. They will continue making newer and better games that will take advantage of many cores. These are my thoughs. If money is the consern then Dual-Core overclocked on good air cooling or a faster Dual-Core will do the job for you.


LOL This reminds me so much of the single core vs a dual core debate a few years back. I think the best we can say is right now dual core are awesome. A few years down the road quads will rain king. Its up to you if you wanna save a buck now or prepare for the future.