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Surprise, surprise!  The September Apple event, which has occurred every September since 2005, is apparently going to be on September 9th (the week of the 7th had already been leaked) and be music-focused.  The event will also not cover anything about the much-rumored iTablet (or iPad) tablet PC.

That pretty much matches with the earlier leaks, which also indicated there would be no tablet discussion. What is still unknown is exactly what will be discussed at the event.

Since the original leak was reportedly from music industry sources, it would appear it's going to be another September refresh of the iPod. There have been a lot of rumors about over iPod touches and nanos with cameras and that, in fact, could be what is introduced.

There might also be some time spent on "[censored]tail," the new interactive format which Apple and the music industry are working on. The music industry hopes "[censored]tail" will resuscitate album sales.

"[censored]tail" will bundle an interactive booklet, sleeve notes and video clips with downloaded albums. The obvious hope is this will slow the obvious trend of buying "singles" rather than albums; after all, who wants all the songs on an album if you are only interested in 1 or 2 hits.

Finally, there's been talk of a new iTunes 9 release with Blu-ray support and social media integration, and possibly VOD. It's only about 3 weeks away. Hang on to your hat.