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We've already taken a sneak peek at OCZ Technology's Colossus--which isquite possibly the most exciting thing to happen to desktop storagesince the advent of the VelociRaptor--and now we know exactly when it'scoming. Or, maybe not quite exactly, but close enough!

Thanks to a tidbit from OCZ itself, we're told that the outfit ispreparing to ship its beastly Colossus SSD lineup in around threeweeks, meaning that you should be able to upgrade your rig in finefashion prior to Labor Day. The drive, which will boast a 3.5" formfactor and will likely be one of the fastest (if not the fastest)desktop drive on the market, will ship in sizes of 128GB, 256GB, 512GBand 1TB for prices of $300, $650, $1200 and $2200, respectively.

The real question is this: are you willing to sink that deep into yourchild's future college fund in order to snag the bragging rights of a2TB SSD RAID setup within your desktop? Decisions, decisions!
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Till they get cheaper and more reliable, ill stick to the regular hard drives.


I would also stick with my spinners!! Atleast for me its too steep a price.


What I've been considering lately, as an alternative to SATA-based SSDs (which are really HD replacements) is the variety of SSDs that fit into one of those odd little PCI-e slots on your motherboard. Those are generally only used for high-end sound cards, but a number of companies (including OCZ) make memory cards for them.

They all seem to be PATA-based, but I'm thinking that if they have a better read rate than a SATA drive (due to hooking into the PCI bus instead of going through the disk controller) it might be worth it. Especially if you're stuck on one game with a disk-load bottleneck (cough cough World of Warcraft cough).

A 16 GB card can be had for $50 ($91 for a 32), making it more expensive per GB but less expensive if that's all you need.