I just recently purchased a GTX 260 card for my main rig. I will put my 8800 GTS out of it in my second rig to run dual GPU clients. I am still trying to get everything setup on both machines again so it might be a couple of days. But Im coming for you Warlord LOL!!!!  [H]

Marco C

Them's fightin' words! :)

Der Meister

lol.... sounds like a good fight


Yea it would be but I think I hit a snag. After loading the drivers on the dual cards it hangs in the boot menu. Man I gotta figure some stuff out. Either my power supply or a faulty card. I know both were working before I put them in. Well back to the drawing board.  [8-)]


Well my reinforcements went bad. I just sent off my motherboard for the 3rd rma. Dang Asus board. I need another one lol.


AIght got a mobo back after a month of dealing with asus. Old one was fried but they got me a replacement. I got the 2 8800 GTS running and they added about 6000ppd to my total. As soon as I can get the processor temps to where I want them I am goin to get that quad folding. But I am adding to the ppd.  Also what happened to everyone warlord, zombie, dave, bob, where did ya all go I havent seen anything out of ya in a while. Come on an get back in there start pushing those numbers back up.