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  • Very spacious indeed
  • Room for a possible 8 hard drives (5 in main cage, two solo cages, +1 adaptor for 5.25" slot)
  • Air flow seems superb at the moment -- dropped 14 degrees from my old mid-tower
  • All manner of ties and such for organizing wires behind your motherboard tray
  • Oh the motherboard tray, it pulls out separately
  • Accessible LED/power panel with USB/firewire/audio/SATA ports, whose cables are more than long enough to span the entire case
  • two accessory drawers, this is just cool
  • "tool"-less installation. I used my screwdriver a fair bit, but that was all. Didn't need it to install HD/DVD drive -- the various bays lock your components in snugly without screws (though you can use them if you wish)
  • The 23cm side door fan keeps my 4870 very, very cool


  • Every review says "it's bigger than you think". Yeah, seriously. It's a piece of furniture, not a computer case. I could fit a pair of midgets inside this thing.
  • Installing components was a little difficult because the case is so big its impractical to move the tower itself very much
  • Installation of a top blowhole fan required removing five screws and removal of the entire plastic top deal. If I have to replace or oil that fan we're talking a minimum of a 20 minute hassle (i'll have to remove the PSU next time to get to one of the screws -- very poor choice in an otherwise superb case)
  • It's somewhat heavy. I've pumped iron for years so it wasn't a big deal, but if you don't work out this tower will give a good workout :P
  • Case could come with one more fan. Luckily I had a spare 140mm fan to install for blowhole venting. Also tossed an extra 120mm fan on the bottom, where the extra two HD chassis are initially installed)

I'm loving this full tower. The cons are really fairly trivial except for that top fan, which I hope to god never starts squeaking on me. Everything else is amazing. From the snap-in 5.25" bays, to the pretty nifty HD cage and chassis' I'm very pleased with the purchase. Going from 51/52 degrees celsius on my Radeon to 38 degrees (@ idle) makes this very well worth the price (~$200 currently).


Looks very well priced at $200! Is it aluminum? (It might be pretty cheap because most high end/enthusiast towers like the ATCS 840 are aluminum) Other than that I think you purchased well.