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Lenovo is entering the all-in-one desktop PC market with a bang with its fully-loaded Lenovo IdeaCentre A600. And not only does Lenovo's first all-in-one desktop design come with a bevy of features, but Lenovo claims that since the IdeaCentre A600 is only an inch thick at its thinnest point, it is therefore "the slimmest all-in-one in the industry."

The IdeaCentre A600 is based on the Intel G45M chipset and will be available in versions with Intel Pentium Dual Core or Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processors--no specific processor models have been mentioned yet. The system will use 1,066MHz DDR3 SDRAM, and can accommodate up to 4GB of RAM. The 21.5-inch "frameless" screen supports a native resolution of 1,920x1,080. The base model will use the integrated Intel G45M for graphics, but (unspecified) DirectX10-compliant ATI GPUs with either 256MB or 512MB will be options. Other options include a Blu-ray DVD player, a "hybrid analogue/digital TV tuner," and up to 1TB of hard disk storage space.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the IdeaCentre A600, however, is its "4-in-1 optional remote controller." In addition to operating as a standard Windows Media Center remote control, the remote can be also used as an "air mouse," a Wiimote-like motion-controlled game controller, and as a VoIP handset. Lenovo wasn't clear on what an "air mouse" is, but we surmise that since the remote is also a motion control, it can control the mouse cursor by moving the remote in mid-air--no flat surface required. As to using the remote's motion-controlled capabilities with games, it is unclear whether it will work with any game or just certain games--our best guess is that it should work with any game that work with a mouse. The remote control also includes an integrated microphone and speaker for use with VoIP applications.

The pictures that Lenovo included with its press release show the IdeaCentre A600 with a wireless keyboard and mouse--which we assume will be options as well. If you were to choose the upgrade options, you'd have a pretty decent home-entertainment system. Not only is the 21.5-inch display capable of true 1080p HD resolution, but Lenovo has even managed to cram a sub-woofer into the unit and claims that the integrated speaker system is Dolby Home Theatre audio certified. The press release does not provide specifics on video or audio output ports, but it does state that the system has a 6-in-1 card reader, six USB 2.0 ports, and one FireWire port. The IdeaCentre A600 also includes either a 1.3 or 2-megapixel Webcam which can be used for facial-recognition logons using the included VeriFace software.

The Lenove IdeaCentre A600 is expected to become available in April; the base model will have a MSRP of $999.


Looks like Lenovo has made some cool and interesting choices for this all-in-one.

I'm not sure if I'd ever buy an all-in-one, but I am definitely intrigued by them. Anyone out there know someone who has one, especially a non-Mac one?


Nice looking pc. Good specs as well.


bob_on_the_cob wrote:

Nice looking pc. Good specs as well.

I agree too. It finally has some decent specs compared to some other all-in-one PCs.



That sounds like a pretty decent and decently priced all in one. I think they should have made it straight, so you could remove the base and hang it on a wall, but it's still pretty nice looking.


I really like the design and the way everything looks. In my opinion it looks even better than the Apple products. I am not sure but it might just be the nice shiny look it has. :)


Most jaw dropping all-in-one pc ever.


It would be lovely if someone could test this machine to see if it works as nicely as it looks. In that event, it's bound to be a winner !...


Der Meister