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It’s hard to avoid making comparisons to Apple’s iPhone when you mention the HTC Touch Diamond. Although they are very different phones running on different operating systems, the Touch Diamond is arguably one of the closest competitors in the U.S. market today to the popular iPhone in terms of unique touch controls, an attractive looking user interface, power and versatility.

Even though the phones compete in some areas, it’s important to understand that there’s a big difference between the Touch Diamond and the iPhone in terms of their intended users. You see, HTC designed the Touch Diamond as a Windows Mobile, business-friendly device. Click the link below and take a look...

Sprint HTC Touch Diamond Smartphone


hey you got ti close! Is the touch pro review comign up? doesnt amtter ill be buyign it in march anyway 😞 I need more moeny!


it does the job, i really don't understand what is the whole big deal of comparing every-phone to the I-phone? i guess if you guys could forgive my ignorance in this matter but i really don't get it. My wife has that 3G I-phone and I have a blackberry and is not that different!


 yeah i know what you mean i have the diamond right now and overall its a sweet phone, when sprint got ahold of it they made a lot of changes. they took off the front camera because sprint does not offer video calling on there network, and they redid the back to make the battery bigger, which is still tiny.

the good: awesome autofocus camera, youtube has high quality, and the g axis is very useful

the bad: the 4 gigs of internal memory doesnt carry you that far if you love pics or music, easily filled in like a week. a lot of programs have to come off the main memory and there is no msd slot 😞, also the qwerty is small but not horrible, there are a lot of other sip boards that are still useable.

i know how u feel i am getting the pro today and i cant wait :)