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Cyber Snipa Game Pad V2

I just got this yesterday, from NewEgg.


Game Pad V2


It works very well, in my opinion.

The layout is well done and easy to use, though I might have moved a few things around in favor of extra comfort over symmetry.  The keys are easy to press, though I would have expected/prefered less travel.

Drivers/Game Support:  This is what makes the pad unique, in a good way as far as I'm concerned.  There are no drivers or configuration utilities required - just plug it in and start using it.  Any key customization can be done inside your games (the keys are all well labeled on the gamepad).  If you have a macroing program that works with a keyboard, it should work with this pad.

Cons:  The only thing that might be a con for some people (not me) is that the keys are not lit.  There are blue lights under the side of the pad that can be turned on with a button on the side, and there is a single blue light in the middle of the crosshairs on top of the pad that stays on any time the pad is connected.

This pad is a good option for Linux gamers - it works perfect with native games as well as Windows games running under Wine, CrossOver, or Cedega.  Even the volume keys work in Linux (they control the PCM level).  There are drivers to support the Nostromo's and some other popular pads out there, but I can't say how well they work (or not).  If I catch a Nostromo for cheap, I may get it just for comparison.


Darn you! A few years ago I use to have a Nostromo n52. It took me a good week to get really used to it, but after I did I crushed people in UT2K4. Now I see they have come out with a n52te and I really want it.

You should for sure get one to compare. The setup is not quite as easy but its a heck of a gamepad.