Check this out...


I'm not sure if the technology is actually there.. but if it is... dam son.

Crisis Causer

Coooool.  Allow me to say "yes please" to the grid. 

Der Meister

 I wonder how much it will cost..

This doesn't appear to be a replacement  of the internet, rather a fast lane for it. Correct me if I am wrong, but this just sounds like an updated version of the internet designed for the higher bandwidth that is available over a strictly fiber optics network. This merely seems like a natural progression of what would take place anyways. In the article it said it would allow the ability to download a movie in 5 seconds. If you assume a DVD quality movie is 4700MB, then you would need a 9GB/s (900MB/s actual speed of DL) connection inorder for that to be possible wouldn't you? Fios that is available from Verizon currently only offers a maximum of 100MB/s I believe. Which would allow for approximately 10MB/s actual download speeds. So we would all basically need a conncetion that is 90 times faster than the fastest currently only available to people in very limited areas.

Unfortunately, I don't see much to get excited about here. A vast network of fiber optic lines needs to be laid out before any such "grid" will be available for most everyday people. This "grid" is more like a private network that works in conjunction with the internet, but doesn't permit the slower traffic and data transfer through lower bandwidth networks that the current internet does.

AjayD wrote:

Unfortunately, I don't see much to get excited about here.

Party pooper 😞 😞 😞... why don't you go play with your new rig or something ;)

I don't think the article is meant to portray a new immediate technology that will change everything in a year.. all technology is progressive, and as you said, it appears that this would be part of the progression of the internet... however, if the ideas and concepts are never developed for progression, then there won't be progression...


You'll have to excuse my lack of enthusiasm. The truth is, I am just bitter because the fastest connection available where I live is a measly 1.5MB/s. I used to live in Las Vegas where I had a 10MB/s cable connection which I felt was barely adequate.  With such limited speeds I feel like I've gone back in time to the days of 56k. I need a fiber optic connection immediately if not sooner. If we are lucky, maybe this "grid" will promote an expedited roll out of fiber optic services to the masses.


AjayD wrote:

I used to live in Las Vegas

I live in Vegas! (well.. arizona for college)... when did you leave / what school(s) (if any) did you attend!?


 I lived in P[censored]nix (Tempe and then Chandler) for several years, where in Arizona do you live? I went to ASU and UNLV. I just moved back to Oregon this year. I am taking a few classes that interest me part time right now. I majored in business because I thought it would be universal enough and couldn't really decide what I wanted to major in. I am thinking about going back and getting my masters and becoming an interpretor. Business is too boring and I really like foreign languages.


well if this does move the fiber connection to the mass, i think we can expect a big jump in the online gaming world! Maybe the term "lag" might get outdated Oops came back to really just now sorry!


"lag" will no longer be an excuse for being bad at a game.

Crisis Causer

Lag will always be an excuse, among others.


 Ayad is very true, we will never gain fast speeds, well not to everyone.