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April 15th is not my favorite day of the year. I doubt it's yours, either. But the IRS is not the only acronym you need to start worrying about on that date. This year, your DirecTV digital video recorder will be getting the DRM treatment for pay-per-view content on April 15th. The days of recording and watching entirely at your leisure are over.

Under the new policy when you purchase PPV movies, sporting events, etc., you’ll have 24-hours to finish watching it, after which time it will expire and if you want to watch it again you’ll need to pay for it again.

The same rule applies to things you’ve started watching but haven’t finished–once you pay for something the 24-hour clock starts ticking.

Not the end of the world, but certainly less convenient as before. PPVDVRDRM from DirecTV. It even looks like a swear in Latin.

Crisis Causer

Hooray, more DRM!

I don't have DirecTV, but my family has been considering doing something digital.  Well, one reason to be wary of DirecTV.  

DLing movies on the Xbox 360 (which I have never done), have the same 24-hour rule.  It's stupid, and costs more than it should anyway. 


It just says things you pay for will have the 24-hour rule... you can, most likely, just record shows whenever / whatever as people can now and it won't be erased since you didn't pay for it in the first place. So... if you want to watch Survivor but you're going to be at some Magic The Gathering convention... you can have it record, and come back to it days later and watch it (after your Harry Potter book club meeting)...

I kind of understand why they would do this for purchased items... but its still BS...

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they didnt used to have this time limit just whenever it was done playing it got took off the dvr 


another DRM!They will start to implement DRM in everything now!

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 i dont see the point it is always broken at one point or another and the money they  use to implement this will mean higher prices for the consumers

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