Hi can anyone help,  
does anyone know if intels core 2 duo processor is compatible with an ASUS P5GD2X motheboard?? i'm doing the research but am new to computers


 Yes it is. 


Yep, it is, but I must say that it is one ugly board. Sorry, nothing against you though. But the main thing is if you have a closed system that it is working how you want it to work and not the look. Let us know how your setup will go.


 It's the Asus P5GD2-X? Their cpu support list does not support core 2 duo's...

Just pull up your socket 775 board, P5GD2-X...

My board is a 925 chipset, that is a 915...tell me how that could support it and mine can't? 😛

But yea, it doesn't support it unless it magically somehow does and it isn't on the list. 



Hi warlord an peti1212,

 Thanks for your feedback, you say yes my P5GD2X is compatible with intels core 2 duo, but kamrooz said its not compatible, who is right here?? 



It doesn't support c2d unfortunately. I have a newer board then yours even though it's old..I have a 925 chipset, you have a 915...mine doesn't support C2D either. Sorry to say, if you want a c2d processor, you'll have to pick up a new board. 😞


Ok, so my ASUS P5GD2X is a dead end, what kind of mobo would i be looking to purchase. basically i'm customizing my own PC for music production, and the core 2 duo is perfect for my needs, any tips for a motherboard??


Depends...Do you need Raid? Firewire?..there are MANY choices that can fit literally any budget.  But do keep in mind, any board you buy now..will suffer the same fate..nehalem is out at the end of this year and early Q1 2009...It will require a new socket and chipset, so you won't be able to upgrade. But even so, the performance of the core line is really still worth it...Depends on what you plan to do. Do you want to upgrade again down the line?..If so, no need to spend too much on a board...

What are your needs? Budget? I can help you with any questions/concerns you have. 


 I could pick out some parts based on that..But before I spend the time compiling a list, let me throw in some words for you to consider.

Quads are coming down in price, I've built a cubase rig, and the quad really did help a great deal. Are you sure you don't want to consider a quad? The new yorkfields will be out really soon, to follow will be a pricecut on the q6600 to around 200 dollars. A fantastic deal considering what you get. But if you want to skip the quad idea and just go dual, that is fine. But the quads will outlast down the road as multitherading is the future, and most workstation based applications are multithreaded.

In terms of memory, you're going 32 you can't go too crazy. Are you SURE you want to stay 32 bit? It's very limited in memory support in terms of amount you can place in. Expect around a 3.2 gb barrier if you place in 4 gb's...With 64 bit, you can toss in 8-16 gb's...and with the price of current modules..You can get a great set of 2x2gb for 85 dollars, 8 gb's for a total of 170. The cubase machine I built was based on a 32 bit os..But only due to hardware limitations concerning the guy I built it for was using some older hardware he already had for midi capturing and such, but they only supported 32 bit. Do you have any hardware you are pulling over? If so, what are they? Brand/model, I can check for 64 bit support.

Also, what applications will you be running? Last but not least, do you need raid or firewire? Just get back to me with the answers for the questions and your thoughts/standings on the other comments, I'd be happy to pull together a list for you ^_^.


Hi kamrooz

As i said i'm customizing my own PC for music production basically from the ground up, would be looking to have the best of this / that etc, decent memory moduals, decent PCI soundcard, decent graphics card etc. the processor will be intels core 2 duo, not the quad, the core is good enough for my needs, will also be looking at 3 hard drives, 120 gigs for each drive, giving me 360 gigs of ram, should be good enough for the DAW and all those plugins / stored data etc. finally, would want a decent cooling solution, would'nt want the console over heating etc, i'm assuming the CPU fan will come bundled with the processor itself, if not would need a decent CPU fan also. my chosen platform of choice would be W-XP-SP2-32bit, finally a decent mobo, considering all the above, what motherboard would be compatible for all of this.. budget not an issue

Cheers Musicmad  



Dispite the suggestions kamrooz, i'm gonna stick with the dual core and the 32bit, as i said its sufficient for my needs. As far as the applications are concerned for the DAW, (cubase studio 4) in addition i'll  be using VST plugins for composing and scoring. My hardware device (instrument) is a yamaha P120 digital piano, which i'll mainly be using to transfer the audio in real time or work with MIDI etc. So as you can see my needs are not so demanding for a quad core / 64bit. Out of interest, what is the benefit of a quad core compared to a dual core?



 Quad cores will be able to multitask to a much better degree. Also, for applications that utilize quad cores, you can literally cut the time needed for certain scenarios in half. Encoding would be one of them, take a dual core and quad core for a comparison on the same architecture/process, the quad will have the time completely cut in half thanks to the extra cores calculating as well. Also, in cubase, when exporting, it also takes advantage of quad cores for quick rendering/exporting cutting the time in half...Since I don't work with Cubase myself, I wouldn't be able to speak in regards to what else it's capable of, but the fact does lie that cubase does effectively use multi-core processors. So it's up to you if it's justified to take that route. Overall, if your projects end up being extremely taxing, you'd have more processing resources opened up...You could also set your cpu affinity for cubase to handle 2 cores, while 2 other cores could be dedicated to something else...basically lots of multitasking...and a better environment for workstation based applications. 

In terms of 32 bit, cubase 4 is 64bit as well, Cubase SX3 was also 64 bit. Although I hear there are people who have had issues with cubase in a 64 bit scenario...BUT..Many cubase users are angry at the fact that the music application/hardware companies are not adopting 64 bit. It has advantages over 32 bit computing. If you ever want to upgrade your memory also, you can just toss in more. I just built a cubase rig for my uncles friend, and he's already having memory issues with his extremely large VST's with 4gb's of memory on a 32 bit operating system (only BFD...a 55 gb drum set)...The more memory, the better. The rig could only addres 3.2 gb's thanks to a 32 bit os. 

but overall, choice is yours really. If you want a dual core, I'll build a list off that, if you want quad, your rig will last the years a lot longer then your dual core will. Even though the clock speed of the quad would be lower dollar to dollar to a dual core, it will have a longer life span without the need of upgrading. So choice is yours really, but you'd need to check and make sure all your hardware has 64bit drivers, otherwise there is no point in thinking of 64 bit. Just drop a line on your final decision, and I'll start picking out your parts and post a list...BTW, please do state if you need Firewire/Raid...and your budget that you're workin with. If you want an extremely responsive system, you might want to look into a single raptor drive as well for your OS drive....Just toss by your comments/suggestions/answers/budget, and I'll pull up a list for you rather quickly.