Well guys, looking at the old date and time here, I see it's now officially been one month since I bought my ipod shuffle 512mb and I've been thinking of writing a review on it for a while, so now is as good a time as any.

My initial impressions were really good in almost every way: it was light, sounded great, has amazing batery time, etc...but it did fall short in 2 areas: 1) You need to use apple's software to update it without major fuss (I'm sure there' a workaround) and 2) the way the lanyard connects to the body.

First off let me just explain that I live in China and the batteries here are just totally horrid. On my old mp3 player I was getting 30-45 minutes per AAA battery. That's nowhere near long enough. I took it to the US, popped in an energizer, and got about 2:15-2:30 off of it. Much more respectable. Still not long enough for me however. If I'm going to get something like an mp3 player I need it for the gym. I bike 30 minutes from my house to the gym, spend another 30 on the bike at high speeds at the gym, then lift for about an hour, then hop on the treadmill for 25 minutes, then lift for another hour or so, hit the stair machine for 10-15 minutes, then lift for another 20 or so minutes and then bike home. I might also stop to eat depending the on times, as for bodybuilding you tend to need to eat every 3-4 hours. My entire routine easily encompasses that much time so it's not unusual to see me stop after a muscle is finished, or I'm done with some part of the cardio, and then go and grab a quick bite downstairs from the gym. I like to listen to music the entire time if I can, especially since the Chinese people are incredibly fond of playing Backstreet Boys and n'Sync in the gym, and those are sadly some of their best lifting songs. The other songs they put on the loudspeakers tend to be traditional Chinese music, which is great, but it doesn't get the blood flowing like heavy metal, or hip hop, etc.

I have gone 2 days in a row without a recharge and the darned thing wasn't even showing itself to be at emergency power (but it was showing to be in the middle area for suggested recharge).

The software is kind of a pain to deal with as it's poorly written (Very inefficient), and doesn't like it when you manually move files, which stinks because I like to categorize my massive media collection and I'm always finding new ways to make my library easier to delve into for visitors.

The lanyard has become less of an issue than I though it was going to be, but it's still an issue. My biggest problem is that it connects on the end cap which comes off in order for you to plug the ipod shuffle into your computer. This leaves the concern that since it's not fastened in any other way that it might fall off if jerked hard. I'm especially worried about this while I'm on the treadmill. Apple has since released a special sport ipod protector which I've got on my next shipment of goods from the U.S. which should get rid of this fear, but so far the lanyad hasn't seperated from the main body during running, but if it does I'm very worried that the ipod itself will end up underfoot, and I weigh in at about 240lbs, so when those feet hit the ground running like I do then something as fragile as an ipod shuffle will probably not last more than 1 step Still it hasn't yet happened, but remains a constant concern.

I don't care much about a viewscreen one way or the other, I just want to hear music, and I've already completely filled this puppy up (192kb left!) so it doesn't bug me. I like the fact that even with no screen I can easily put it into random because I always found on my old mp3 player that some songs were better for lifting and others better for running and I wasted time going back and forth instead of simply accepting the flow. With the shuffle, you're never going to know how many songs "up" or "down" it is until you get a good one for whatever task you're doing. Still I can see some people who might really like this feature, but only holding about 120 songs it can't be that big of a deal.

So all in all I give it a 7.5 out of 10, and it would have gotten more if the lanyard came with a better way to attatch, and in fact if the whole usb cover thing was done away with. It seems to me they always break anyhow The price was a little high here in China, but in the states it's pretty reasonable. The audio quality is great, being forced to use itunes sucks. Apple should look into hiring more seasoned programmers for itunes to speed that program up and to have features like searching a directory and it's subdirectories for lost links to files whenever you re-arrange your library. Those things aside, the battery life is amazing, and it's ultra convenient for me. The first week I had it I think I messed my muscles up so much harder than normal and had so much more energy in the gym just because I wasn't listening to music that isn't very good for lifting.

Just wait a few months and you may change your tune, I had a first gen iPod shuffle, and now I refuse to buy another apple product, EVER!

The thing stoped working about 5 months after I bought it.  I would insert it into my USB port, and it not a single computer would recognize that I had put in a device.  I tried atleast 20 different machines in my computer lab at college.  I contacted apple, they said it was an HP product since I had the PC compatible shuffle.  Low and behold, it said HP right on the back.  I hate HP too by the way.  I contacted HP to get it fixed or replaced, and they didn't do a thing about it.

 Moral of the story, no more iPods for me, and I vow to tell everyone my story.


I am not a big Ipod fan and I hate Apple accept for their Macs. iTunes sucks and much more, but I love the shuffle. I have one myself and also a 30GB Creative Zen Vision M and it is a perfect combination. 🙂 When I need to work out I use the shuffle, but when I am just in school or walking home or something i use my big one. 🙂 Nice review BTW!


I was never in this mp3 gadget stuff.I do not know what is the deal listening on the streets,without being very attentive on what happens on the street


I've seen that Apple concentrates more on the exterior look of their gadgets/macs than on their functionality 


 Quite true.


Just look at their Macbook and Mackbook Pro line.


The Macbooks are built with junky components, and the Pro's overheat if you try and play more than an hour of Half life 2.


Personally I don't listen to music that much when I am away from my computer, however if I need an MP3 player, I could look into getting this shuffle.