Crisis Causer

Ordered this card from Newegg on Wednesday, recieved Monday.  It's replacing my Sapphire Radeon X1800XT 256mb.  It's clocked higher than default 3850s (670->720, 830->900) and has the 512mb ram.

It has a bold looking cooler

Cooler blocks a PCI slot

Side by side with X1800XT 

The cooler is loud idle, at least as loud as the 1800, but keeps nice and cool idle at 36-38 C.

Improves my Half-Life 2 Lost Coast benchark from 44 to 76 frames-per-second.  1600x1200 4xAA / 8xAF.

Crysis Demo has little improvement.  For the first pass, frames increased from 20.75 to 24.23.  Negligable.  But a little more noticeable on the second pass, 22.74 to 30.05.  1280x720 all medium except Textures and Object Quality at high.  I need dual-core CPU, it would help me.  I have a 939 3800+ Venice @220fsb=2640mhz.  I think I'll order a 3800X2 and OC it to the same speed.  Should help alot.

3Dmark06 was great.  At default 1280x1024, went from 4032 to 6800.  I look to profit from none dual core CPU optimized games.  Dual-Core should allow the potential of this strong card.

A professional review can be found:

That review is of the Xtreme version which is identical except it has built in HDMI.  Mine came with an adapter though.