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Just a heads-up to you all on a rainy New England weekend.  Here's something to pass the time for you, while the rest of us slave and toil over new hardware here in the lab.  It's work here people; no fun and games!  New Graphics Cards, CPUs and tiny Notebooks on the bench - oh my...  In any event, the new Crysis SP demo is now live on nZone and a few other discrete locations.  Be patient at those download hot-spots and enjoy.

NVIDIA nZone Download Site:
(most likely the fastest if it's not swamped)

(prepare to be capped and wait in line, unless you're a subscriber)

I tried Sat morning and downloaded it in an hour. Sad to say, it's true, this will make even high-end systems struggle. I had to set my system to medium to get a smooth experience. Didn't do too much fiddling with settings, but hoped my 8800GTX, Athlon X2 6000+ and 4GB of memory would have gotten me more than medium quality at 1600x1200. Slick looking environment nonetheless. Anyone else get a copy? Post your thoughts!

Gaming euphoria as I mentioned in my post on the matter. Running @ 1680 x 1050 all settings high with 4xAA on XP! Can't wait to get the game!!!

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Can't wait to get the game. Hopefully my system will run the damn thing.
The game wouldn't let me adjust to my native res 😞 😞 so I had to play at like 12 x 9....*sigh*

Anyway with my 1950PRO on medium settings and SEMI-low res the game was fairly smooth running. Can't have AA or anything on though 😞

Makes me think I might enjoy a GFX card upgrade.

p.s. How RAM intensive is the game? I thought it was more GPU based....

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