Hi everyone, I would just like to know which one you guys would choose ?


Thanks a lot

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My predisposition was to buy ASUS; I always wanted to build with an ASUS mobo, but I just selected the GA-P35C-DS3R over the P5KC;  due to:

Active cooling=fan over heatpipe; some forum's (maybe mention high temps;  at one point I thought I was onto a P5K SE with active cooling; maybe the >=4 choices of P35's from Asus got me confused

One x16 will do for me; the x4 is not an attraction;

I will take the two extra x1's that seem to come from dropping the x4;

I think a couple of extra Sata's on the P35C. 

Firewire didn't matter to me.  USB/ide/FDD/audio/mem seemed about the same. OC might be similar due to chipset.

Be well.