I do a lot of things to make a buck

I write (or allegedly...heheh)

I used to fight, but I've been ill for a few months following a motorbike accident.

I teach college IT to a bunch (gaggle?) of rich Chinese college students that want to study abroad.

And I work(ed) with a consulting firm in Nanning that offers legal advice to companies trying to break into foreign markets (I'm in my 2nd of 3 years of law school online, and have some collections and business legal background).

Anyhow, today the police closed down the law office. Apparently the major company we were working for didn't like the advice rofl That is just too funny Anyhow, sucks b/c pay day is Sunday lol I doubt I'll ever see this month's check from them. My wife is going to kill me now )
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that sucks...
Actually I had arranged to take about 10 days off to do Computex with this firm. Cost me a fortune (2 days salary for 1 day off per my contract) to get the owner to agree to it lol. Things didn't work out with the Taipei trip, and then maybe a month back they fired both this English guy who had law degrees from the UK, Aus and the USA, and then they fired this Chinese woman (who was a real meaniie ;-P) at the same time. Then they told me that I and this guy from Germany + a Canadian guy who pretty much never does any real work, had to train the replacements. Then I got sick, my uncle and wife both ended up with medical problems at the same time, and I still kept doing all the work, etc....

Then on Fri I had to take the morning off for sick tests and they fined me 2 days salary again rofl! I told them I had already paid for this day and that my coming in at all (after lunch) was just a formality lol Oh well.

TBH, the customer they were dealing with never wanted to understand some of the IP violations they had done in the past and in my opinion we were milking them due to their own hard-headedness.

Other than the fact that I had at least 10 days coming (what a month!) I honestly feel happy that I'll never have to deal with their client again
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When one door closes another opens.
Maybe it wasn't the best place to work after all. The law firm I used to work at was huge into commercial litigation, commercial contracts, wealth maximization and sorts contracts. Wall to wall blood sucks trying to get their rich mates richer.

Never been shut down by the old bill yet. Got given a days notice one when the business unit I worked at got sold to HP months before and they told us on the Thursday that HP would be performing our business function from the Noida office of their outsourcing partner and that they were more than willing to recommence my contract from that office....
Only problem being the several thousand mile each way commute.
lol - yeah talk about impractical commuting