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Hi Guys,

I have an E6600 and P5B Deluxe no OCing.

The CPU temp is always about 10C higher than my core temperatures, which doesn't make any sense to me, as I read that the core temperatures should be always around 15C higher than the CPU temperature since the cores are the hottest part of the CPU. Secondly, the temperatures at the cores some times drop as low as 25C on idle, which doesn't even seem reasonable to me at stock cooling, while the CPU temp is at like 33C. How is this even possible? Can someone explain to me what is going on?

Any info/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Der Meister
it can happen. what it the ambient temp?

I have an E6750 and my idles are about 28-31 degrees and load 28-47 depending on ambient temp........The main thing you have to consider is that if your room is hot you are gunna expect high temps for idle and load but unlike a freezing cold room which could see your temps drop. Mind you saying this it depends on multiple things ambient temp, cpu cooler, enough thermal gel applied to cpu etc 


Also, do you have Intel Speed Step turned on in the BIOS? Oh, and did you manually set the voltage for your E6600 or is it on automatic. Speed Step will underclock your CPU when it is idle and the automatic voltage setting COULD POSSIBLY (I never tried this to see if that really happens) lower the voltage since the CPU was downclocked, which means your temperatures will drop.