this is my first post here in this great forum....i have read several posts and i can say this is really a great forum to be in.......i just got my XFX 8800 GTS 640MB yesterday and i can say its system specs are

Motherboard : Asus A8N32 SLI - Deluxe
CPU : AMD ATHLON 64 X2 Dual Core +4400 @2.21Ghz - 2MB L2 Cache
Cpu Cooler : Zalman CNPS9500 LED
Graphics Card: XFX GTS 8800 640MB
Ram : 1GB (one Stick) Corsair PC 3200 (Model No : vs1GB400C3)
Keyboard: Trantula Razer Gaming Keyboard
Mouse : Logitech G7 Gaming Mouse
LCD: Benq 19 inch
MousePad : Xtrac Ripper XXL
PowerSupply : Aopen 400watt

i am just curious about the cpu and ram.. Are both the cpu and ram to the level of my graphics card?....wishing to hear from you guys ....forgive me for my bad english
hmm... i have looked at performance results when using amd *2's. To be honest... your card wont be bottlenecking it too much unless your running games at a poor resolution etc. Run everything at 1600*1218 and slam everything to max. The card will be working really hard then, and the bottleneck wont be that bad. However, even then, your cpu will be still bottlenecking. I wouldnt worry about it though, that cpu can still throw out 70 odd frames per second, you will still get really smooth gameplay. But that card can handle a little more. the 5200+ should just about reach the cards limits. After that, your going to need the gtx to bottlneck the higher series cpu's.

Im waiting for the 8900gtx to come out .. itll take the amd barcelona to reach the limits of that card. DDR4 ftw!
thanx for the quick reply......what about overclocking the cpu and adding 2 GB ram so it will be 3GB in total with about 2.6Ghz overclocked cpu?? since i have zelman 9500.... will that remove the bottleneck if there was any?

i am also seeing that u r going for the GTX 8800 ...r u going for a new pc or the same one?
overclocking your 4400 is not something i recommend. The 8800gts is prone to produce alot of heat.. overclocking your cpu will create even more heat, and it might reduce the life span of your system. Unless of course, you have two exhausting fans and a fan aimed directly at the graphics card.

Adding more ram is a good idea. If your a gamer, which im sure you are, 2gb is really recommended, especially when playing the newer games. The more objects, etc, you see on screen the more ram is being used up, this includes system ram and video ram. When i bought another 1gb of ram, the performance boost was quite suprising.

You can never remove bottlenecks, its a fact, but the cpu at stock will do just fine. Its scored 40fps (with 8800gts) on oblivion with everything full wack at 1600*1200 and thats no easy feat. The newer games that are coming out are alot harder on the gpu rather then on the cpu, all the eye candy you see on screen is a job for the graphics card. Basically, pushing the quality setting up on games isnt doing anything to the cpu at all, only the video card, so dont feel that maxing out games will push frame rates down, your cards a beast.

Im actualy going to go for the 8900gtx, i feel its too late to get the 8800, its become a little too old, as, in a month, the r600 and 8900 will be released which will be a tad better then the 8800. Plus the 8800gtx wont fit in my case, and the 8900gtx is smaller, and produces less heat which is always good. Im going to add it to my current system, but i plan to buy the amd quad core when its released.
hi ,
thanx for ur good support.....i have been seeing around the net that some people are overclocking the AMD Athlon X2 +4400 to some extent great speeds like 2.8 and 3.0Ghz with no hassle(with excellent cpu cooling ofcourse).i am not willing to overclock my cpu till i feel the need to do , and mostly not less than 3 years later from that time i think i will need to overclock since i have an excellent cpu cooler wich is zelman 9500...but i want to know whether the system will still go to a bottleneck with the overclock (i am not asking about the overclocking itself since i know its dangerous) but asking if a system with 2.8Ghz or 3.00Ghz and 3Gb of ram and gts8800 can handle massive games in future ?

check those links
your asking the wrong question... bottlenecks will always be around. It will either be your CPU bottlenecking your GPU, or your GPU bottlenecking your CPU. Ill cut the twadle and give you your answer though lol.

No matter how much you overclock the amd 4400, you will still be bottlenecking the 8800gts. A simple test to find out by how much is to test a game called oblivion, or STALKER (2 games which are extremly hard on the cpu and gpu alike) You put all the settings down to bare minimum but keep the resolution to 1200*1028. Find the amount of frames you are getting per second with a program of your choice (there easy to find). The frame rate you see will be your CPU's ,just about, maximum frame out-put on that particular game.

You then use the highest possible quailty settings for the next test. If there is a decrease in frames by a large number, it means you gpu is working flat out, and cannot display as many frames as the cpu is giving it. However, if there is not a change in frame rate (say 10 frames give or take) then your CPU is the component which is bottlenecking.

In the long term, the amd 4400 will get you far, because new games are focusing on eye candy, which really makes your gpu work hard. However, when amd release the quad-core, it might be worth upgrading to that during christmas. Games are going to get very technologically advanced in the next half of this year. Monitors will soon have lazer technology, which allow 80% of the visibal spectrum to be viewed on screen. Basically, textures will be close to real. Your graphics card will have to be upgraded at christmas if you want to have max performance in games. If max settings arnt an issue then the gts will be fine. But its the lowest directx 10 card out, and believe me. Game designers have been basing games on this new hardware for about 3-4years, well be seeing alot of directx 10 releases in 2008. Possibly in the of end of 2007 too.
thanx a lot for ur support.....sorry my late reply
Add a Thermalright HR-03 VGA cooler for your card. 8800's run quite hot & this heatsink/fan can drop temp by up to over 20C. I have 1 & its absolutely awesome really cooled my card down. 6 heat pipes + 92mm fan. Doesnt come with fan though u have to buy that separate.
why does my card only run at 60c at full load? everybody is reporting like 70 and 80 degrees... I even have it overclocked.
Get 2GB or 4GB of matching RAM. Then it will run in dual channel and give you a lot more performace. If you use 3GB of none matching RAM then you will loose a lot of performance, even though you have more, your system will perform slower. Go w/ 2GB or 4GB matching and loose whatever you have now.
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Im very surprised no one said anything about the very low wattage PSU you have for such a power hungry system. Before you even try any overclocking i would recommends that you upgrade your psu to something over 500 watts. The psu is the most important part of your system, and so many people skimp on the PSU. It provides power to all your components and if it cant provide the juice your system will become unstable.