I am looking at buying new ram for my build by OCZ.

The RAM is DDR2 PC2-8500 2GB (2x1024MB) SLI-Ready Edition Dual Channel Kit.


I just wanted some feedback from you guys before I took the plunge and purchased. It's a little pricey but I think it should make for some killer RAM, only I haven't ever used OCZ before. Any thoughts?
OCZ is some of the best memory...and their warranty coverage is OUTSTANDING.

I posted this on Anandtech's forums because I am looking to buy some memory.


I checked the OCZ forums as well and it seems you are right...the following was taken from their forums from a post by one of the OCZ staff....

"All OCZ ram carries a lifetime warranty, you do not have to be the original purchaser.

If you have received ram from an individual that sold it as working product, and it does not work, you should contact the individual first for a resolution

If the ram is working in your system and it fails to work sometime in the future, you would be covered by the warranty.

Open box would be covered by the terms of the open box policy at the retailer, but it still holds the OCZ lifetime warranty, however if it was non working on arrival, again you should take it up with the retailer first."

Just thought I would post this for everyone's benefit.
i have 6400 series ram = 800mhz from OCZ

It hasnt failed me and ive had it for about 9 months. The other poster is right about OCZ being a very good memmory manufacturer, in fact... one of the very best. Their PSU line is also very good.
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