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Hey everyone...just downloaded AquaMark3 last night and ran a quick test. My score is in my about yours?
had mine posted in a thread that I made awhile ago.

Who deleted that anyway?

*glares evily at CJD*

SS Joe

I could probably get 49k on a fresh install, but i'm rather please with this(I got a 2600+ M the other day). With a little more tweaking i'm going for 50k This winter i'm gonna volt mod whatever I can on my system... that should be fun.
Last time i ran aquamark i scored 69,701 my vga was running at factory settings not souped.My last vga card 9800 pro got a score of 42,000ish so i was more than pleased with the Bliss..

Currant Rig
Pentium P4 3.4ghz
Mobo Asus(cheapo)
Memory Corsair 1 gig ddr2 400
OS xp pro
Vga Bliss GS 7800 512MB
HD 120 gig(cheapo)must get a raptor
Logitech cordless keyboard n mouse(luv it)