As many people on here know, a while ago Microsoft released their XNA software which allows you to create content for your Xbox 360. Which is based off of the language C#. Now of course everyone knows that the 360 is a a power house, along with the PS3, not to rule that out. But, with it "tricore" processors, and ATI based graphics, and the a fancy stuff, what if one turned it onto folding?

With XNA studio it would be possible to create a freely distributable program for the Xbox 360 which would be able to fold proteins while not gaming. I've been messing around with the XNA studio software for two weeks or so and thats when I thought about this. Porting the source of Folding@Home to C# to use all of that locked up power. Of course I doubt I could port it as I'm not exactly a C# scholar, but maybe a good idea for someone well versed in it. Just an idea to throw out there if anyone feels up to it. I'll contact Folding@HOME to see if maybe they would allow me the source to see if it could be done. But does this sound like a plausible idea or a flop?

Biggest Problem: XNA doesn't let you touch networking, "at least in the initial release" as microsoft says, perhaps in a later release?
I know there is talk of a release of a port for the PS3, so I would assume that there would be one for the 360.

Having said that the GPU cores for FaH really are the most productive when compared to cpu cores.
I heard about the PS3 released version as well. It would be an interesting project for spring break perhaps.