Alright guys, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and I could really use some help here.

My brother is a hardcore AMD fan and has never bought an intel processor before. I have had 2 Intel processors in the past, both of them I was not as excited about as I was when I compared it to my brothers AMD's at the time. I have been doing a little bit of research and listening to opinions from different sources on whether to go the Intel dual-core rout or with the AMD X2. From what I have seen so far the dual-core looks like it is a much more capable processor for gaming. In the past Intel has been known mainly for use with general applications, but it seems like it has been making a big gaming debut lately. So heres the deal, I like to play games like Battlefield 2142, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, etc. basically games that require a whole lot of bang to run. My friend just upgraded his AMD 64 processor to a E6600 dual core and has been telling me what a world of a difference it is for him. My brother who I mentioned before says to go with AMD. If I go the Intel route I would be getting these accessories for it:

Vid Card




The particular AMD models I am comparing it to is the AMD FX processors, not the AMD dual core, I know they are 2 totally different lines but I wanted to spend around 300 on a processor and thats what it costs for the E6600 on (The AMD dual cores are like 600++ dollars, out of my spending limit for a processor)

And like I said I am a big gamer so I need a computer that can handle the next-gen games that are either out/coming out.

If you read this post and can give me some professional opinions they would really be appreciated. And if you have any suggestions about something that I could possible swap out in this setup (I.E. Processor/Mobo/Ram/Vid Card)

I thank you for your time and whatever you can help me out with.

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definitely go with the intel core 2 duos. they're a lot better than the amd processors, FX or dual core. as for the links you showed, they need to be fixed. here are my suggestions:

Video Card: I'd go with the x1900GT for now. it has good bang for the buck performance and will hold off until the dx10 cards are available. if you're a nvidia fan, go with the 7900 GT or GS. These three cards perform relatively the same, so i don't think it'll matter which one you get. just personal preference. the 8800GTS is dx10 compatible, but still relatively new in my opinion and very expensive. i'd wait.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Quad Core Processor if you got the money for it, otherwise, i'd get the Intel Core 2 Duo E6300.

RAM: Corsair Dominator. The best stuff out there, if you can afford it.

Mobo: eVGA 122-CK-NF68-AR Motherboard. I've heard good things about it and very overclocking friendly.

if i haven't stressed it enough, it all depends on how much you have to spend.
Sorry, I forgot to mention how much I have to spend...

Right now I have like 1500$ but I didn't plan on spending it all, maybe like 1000 or so, but um why do you say to get hte E6300 instead of the E6600?

Im say in the title ..."AMD FX / X2 (NOT AMD DUAL CORE)" The AMD X2 IS AMD Dual Core.
I've got a 6600 running @ stock speed & so far I'm satisfied with it. My only bottleneck now is my hdd which I'll upgrade in a month from a standard 7200rpm sataII hdd to a Raptor. For anyone confused about the comment I made about my hdd being a bottleneck, I'll be more specific: All my games perform better on my new system, however "hiccups/glitches" still occur(though less severe) during autosaves. Games like HL2 autosave quite frequently so this gets annoying. I have no expirience with Raptors but was told that getting one would very likely remedy these issues. As for video cards, I have the 8800GTS and it's performance is excellent. If you can afford it, you'll be geared up for 07'. To give you an example: I play F.E.A.R. @ 1360 x 768 with 4xAA/16xAF, all settings @ high with v-sync and volumetric lighting enabled and average a rock solid 55fps with no "hiccups" when playing online! Without v-sync enabled the average framerate is far more then my TV can handle and the degree of "shearing" severly detracts from the gaming expirience. Ironicly HL2 & HL2:E1 average about 160fps(in some cases topping out @ a hair over 300fps!!!) without v-sync enabled but the level of "shearing" is very subtle and in many/most cases hardly noticable!
I'm in the same boat with recoveringknowitall. I have the E6600 at factory clock and my OS and games on 2 separate raptors. The raptors are good for gaming because they rotate at 10,000 rpms as oppose to the standard 7,200 rpm HDDs. In addition, they have a 16MB cache. I don't experience any skipping with them, of course, I am running the XFX 7950 GT That thing is FAST! core clock runs at 610MHz w/ 24 pp. This rig is a monster, and there is no need to overclock it yet.
My bad guys, I meant to say the AMD AM2 (NOT DUAL CORE) instead of saying the X2. I think I'm going with the Intel dual core E6600, so if anyone has any other last thoughts, please let me know!!
just one, GOOD CHOICE!
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Yeah go for the E6600. The E6300 is a fine processor however the E6600 is my personal choice. Its the right balance between performance and price at the mo. I cant see a valid reason to push for quad core at the moment, especially if you are an avid gamer.

I dont know where you are based, however if you live in the UK have a look at this months Custom PC magazine (21 Dec) where there is a very detailed account/ comparison between all the current CPUs which will help you make up your mind.

They bring it down to the E6300 and the E6600. The E6300 wins out on overall value against performance, however Ive been very impressed with the E6600.

Make sure you look at cooling options as well.
good luck with your build, I'm sure you'll be quite pleased.
Get yourself an E6600 and OC it to 3Ghz on air absolutley no problem!

You now effectively have an X6800 Cpu for the price of an E6600.

AMD have absolutely nothing to offer in the CPU market at the moment.

We get inside information from AMD being in the industry, and to be honest I cannot see anything in the pipeline that will knock core2 or Quad core off the pedastal in the forseable future.

Best of luck with your build

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