Man 3 years ago it seemed like I knew motherboards, chipsets, and cpu's like the back of my hand...

Last January I put together an intel rig for my home web/mail server. Finally a year later I'm actually going to put the server to good use. Here are the current specs:

3GHz P4 630 (LGA w/ 2MB L2 cache)
1GB PC2 5300
300GB WD SATA2 Hard Drive
Intel 945PVSLKR Socket T Mobo w/ 945P Chipset

Right now my plan is to up the RAM to 2GB, and install a hardware raid controller and a second HDD for mirroring. That part will be easy.

So now my question is would an upgrade to a Pentium D show a noticeable improvement in server performance? I'm running several services and the nature of apache web server makes me think that dual core would offer a fairly noticeable improvement.

Here is the cpu I'm considering:

What do you all think?
Der Meister
i think a dual core would be a good upgrade for a server type application.
Yeah I think so too. Do you think I'll have to update the mobo's bios in order for it to recognize the second core?
It will be worth every penny, believe me. I too upgraded from 630 to 945 in october(Newegg had it for $155 at that time !! + I sold 630 for $120 on Ebay ). The difference is noticable in every aspect, surfing to gaming everything's faster. It typically produces 10 to 15 more degrees of heat so be prepared for that...

Pentium D needs atleast Intel's 945 chiset, there is no other constraint...

Why not just get a E6300 ($187.00), E6400 (222.00)
Yes your be paying slightly more but bang for buck these are better
what power source u using ? ~ raid need more power~
dual core is fit for any computer ~ i suggest u upgrade to E6xxx~
wait guys, im trying to assemble a pc. ive choosen to buy ecs p4m800-m2 mainboard because for having a 1066mhz speed.
i was thinkin which is better processor, a P4-3.0ghz (533mhz HT)pinless dual or P4-2.8ghz (800mhz HT)pinless dual???? what is that HT means? is there a big difference?

im a new in the forum. i hope you so
mobo support 1066FSB but u choose a 800 or 533FSB core ~~ come on choose a conroe processor
HT in intel means Hyper-Threads ~ some P4 support it ~ as u know P4 is solo core ~ BUT HT can give u a logic core, so u can see 2cores in taskmgr ~~ HT tech suit for long pipeline CPU such as P4 ~ but cause it just have one executable die ~ so its performance is not as good as conroe ~
thanks lking but i don't know conroe and i don't think if i have had experience it.i never heard conroe processor so i can say we dont have here yet in my country. the only available latest P4 processors in the market are

a) 3.0ghz (533mhz HT)Lga775 pinless dual

b) 2.8ghz (800mhz HT)Lga775 pinless dual

c) 3.4ghz (800mhz HT)Lga775 pinless dual (i know this is the best but very expensive)

i can't decide of this option a and b. their almost the same price.
dont know CONROE?? god bless u ~
i suggest u choose the second one (PD820(90nm,1*2M L2) or PD915(65nm,2*2M L2))
of cause third one is better ~ but the second one has higher cost performance
i bought already the 2.8ghz 800mhz.. tnx lking its very fast and good. next time i upgrade my pc, ill be looking for you again.
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