Ok, hey guys.

I am having troble installing the drivers for my video card. Every time I install the ATI drivers and restart the system for changes to take effect, system crahes and restarts before I get to the Windows Welcome screen. I must then rollback drivers or delete ATI drivers in safemode to gain access to Windows.

I have an ATI Radeon X1900xt 512mb PCI-E video card. This is a fresh install of windows xp 86x I am working with now but had the same problem before the fresh install. I have tried using the latest drivers, the one b4 that and the ones that came with my disc.

I have a Mach Speed Mohter board model MK8-939A VIA chipset. I installed the latest version of the drivers as well as BIOS.

I can't think of anything else I tried at the moment, any ideas, comments anything at all is appriciated.


The following of .net framework installed, including all updates for MS Windows.
- 1.1
- 1.1 hotfix(kb886903
- 2.0

Tried many installs, using uninstall tool, and driver cleaner b4 each install and restart.

I tried Hadware acceleration on NONE and Enable write combining disabled.
Do you have the latest motherboard drivers?

Have you tried the ATI drivers that is just the driver and nothing else. There should be 2 versions that you can download. One is just the drivers, and the other has a bunch of other stuff.

I noticed that motherboard has both AGP and PCI-E. That might be your problem. Go into your BIOS and make sure that the Video is set to th PCI-E slot, or if you can disable the AGP slot. I suppose there might also be a jumper or something for switching between the 2, look in your manual to see if there is.
chill2007 i understand your pain, last night i battle for like about 2 hrs with the 7.1 drivers and those things DID NOT WORK!!!, got to the point that frustration was beyond. but like everything new it comes with problem advice: stay with the one you got or google the 6.11-6.12 there is not that much of difference just little crossfire update between them. personally after my frustration was gone i read few reviews on the 6.11 and so far it happen to be the best.
I have tried everything you guys listed above. Looked at jumpers, theirs nothing to do with video settings. I looked in BIOS nothing to disable the AGP(MGP) slot. Tried just the drivers and the catalyst software seperate. Anyone have any more ideas? Thanks.
anyone out there have a clue whats up with my computer?
This is something that might help a lot, and that is to re-install windows, and the first driver that you install make sure that is the video card. i'm 90% sure that you got a software that is conflicting with your hardware.
Ok, I will try that, and if that fails then I will try a new motherboard with the card. But first I will try the card in someone elses machine. I wanted to try that for awhile but I can't find a friend who has PCI-e. Thanks again