I know, I know...I [censored]ed and moaned about it and said it was crap but now I am the proud new owner of a Playstation 3. Guys, I once again didn't give credit where credit was due. This system rocks! It's beautiful, quite, and has some pretty good stuff going for it. I have the Gran Turismo: HD and Motor Storm demos and I bought Resistance.

Resistance is one of the best FPS i have ever played. I enjoy the hell out of its single and multiplayer modes. The controls are great and I hate using a controller for a FPS but this one is actually really smooth.

Gran Turismo is beautiful and the best part- It's free for now! It sports 20 cars total, one track (forwards and backwards), and 2 gameplay modes. Not bad for free!

Motor Storm....OMG! one of the best arcade/wipeout/jet moto racing games i've ever played and one of the main reasons for the system purchase.

The system does have a steep price tag but you do get what you pay for. I didn't think so in the beginning but after playing games and watching a Blu-Ray movie I think I'll keep it! I have Black Hawk Down on Blu-Ray and HD movies are just freakin' awsome. The system also has a built in internet browser and Sony even gives you the option to install a separate OS. I have seen Linux installed on it and i may just do it for the fun of it. They also give you the option to swap out the HDD freely and put any size 2.5" drive in the system. That is something i wish Microsoft would have included with the 360 as i am quickly running out of space on it.

Overall I admit i passed judgment too quickly and now i'm glad i gave Sony a chance. The 360 still has a better game selection and is still beating them in my books but come later this year i think MS will start seeing a pickup in the Sony house.

I'm including some pics just incase some want to see them. Sorry for the image suckiness- my camera is showing its age! These are not replay images and they are taken directly from the actual game. I have a "still" button on my remote that i pressed to capture the image.

More pics available if you guys want to see more. lol.
OOOOH enter...... well I am glad to hear that somebody enjoys their PS3 I have a few buddies that have one and none of em really feel its worth what ya pay (aside from having a blu-ray player that comes with it....)

Other than resistance, I personally have no motive to buy a PS3 -- game selection just doesn't seem to be there
Der Meister
Nice... I'll eventually get one. 6 to 8 months from now once they get some proper game support. Also from what i have read the current games for it are only using 40% of the system. That can only mean that better looking game are soon to come.

So my question is after a long day at work what will you play in 2 weeks time?
I had no idea that you could put another OS on it. So do you get like a dual boot or something. I wonder if the hardware is supported in Linux or windows. Probably not yet. It would be nice to see in the future a special PS3 Linux distro!

How good is the browser? Does it support flash, java, and quick time. Can you watch you tube videos on it?

How is it with networking with your PC. Are you able to access network shares? I suppose I should just look this stuff up instead of asking you all these questions.
I am never going to buy a PS3.

Purely down to Sony's poor attitude towards customers, especially European ones.
Der- I'll still be playing Resistance. The MP is great! It alone is worth the purchase. My favorite mode is the one that they took from UT2006 where you have to capture nodes. Awsome! I may pick up Untold Legends also.

Giantjoebot- No dual boot. you scroll over to "both alternate operating system" in the menu and it loads it. Its already an option out of the box. The browser supports all plugins except quicktime. I have watched several videos on as well. its set up like a browser on the pc with cookies, history, java, ect. You aren't able to network it to the pc or see shared drives. Thats where the 360 comes in handy!

Elsp- I agree with you on Sony's attitude and that was one of my turn off's. But walking into EB with $600 in my pocket and the guy telling me they have some.....I couldn't refuse.

I really enjoy the system guys. If you are looking for something to play now- snag a 360, if you can wait...get both!
did a little searching on the internet, and it looks like they are planing on selling hard drives with Linux loaded on it or something like that. It would seem to me that this opens a huge window for the PS3. With a external tuner card, it may be possible to turn it into a HTPC. I also found out that they did something similar with the PS2, and released a Linux kit, which didn't do so well as far as I know, and it might the same with the PS3.

EDIT: Here is a video of Linux on the PS3
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*Slaps Enter*

Ah no, I hope you enjoy your PS3 and congratulations. I personally don't have a HD TV so investing in a 360 or PS3 doesn't make a lot of sense for me. For now I will stick with my Wii and PC. When I do get around to getting a HD TV when prices drop eventually, I might think about getting one.
Is that a Zune in the stand too?
Yup, that's my Zune. My fiance bought me one for Christmas. I love it!!! Kicks an I-Pod in the pants.

Dev- Ohhh that hurt! lol. why do i deserve a slap?
yup, giantjoebot
Dev, I don't have an HDTV.

I play on my pc monitor, tho it means swapping cables as I only have VGA input
Alls I know is that........I am going to grab a 360 today I think....probably play GOW for the rest of my "winter" break. hehe Enter I'll add you to my live and we should play a titch if your on (when i figure out the game that is)
I'm game. Anyone wanting to add me as a friend to Live or the Playstation Network feel free to. My brother and I play Gears of War pretty regular. I've played with Jerkwheat before also...even though i was having a bad night that night....
Haha... that was the first time I tried it on Live. I thought we did just fiine