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Selling for a friend. Unwanted.

Brand new, still boxed and packaged ready for you! FREE DELIVERY

Features for this TOSHIBA A100-306

- Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 Processor 1.66GHz
- 667 MHz FSB
- 2 MB Cache
- 1024 MB RAM
- 80 GB Hard Drive
- Dual Layer DVD ReWriter SuperMulti
- 15.4" Widescreen TruBrite display
- Microsoft Windows Media Center
- 128 MB Intel UMA 945 integrated graphics
- 1 year FREE warranty

Specification for this TOSHIBA A100-306

Processor Type Intel Core Duo T5500
Processor speed 1660 mhz
Memory Size 1024 mb
Memory Type DDR
Hard Drive Capacity 80 Gb
Optical Drives DVD Super Multi Dual Layer
CD-ROM Speed 24 x
CD-RW Speed. 10 x
DVD-ROM Speed 8 x
Floppy Disk Drive No
Screen Size/Type 15.4" WXGA
Graphics Card Type Intel 945 Integrated
Graphics Memory 128 MB UMA mb
TV-out No
Sound Type 16 bit Stereo
Modem Type 56k
Wireless Enabled Yes
No. of USB Connections 4
No. of Firewire Connections 1
Infrared Port Included No
Other Interfaces WIFI 802.11a/g
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery life (up to) 3.4 hours
Software Titles Included Microsoft Works, Office 2003, Nero Burner
Operating system Win XP Media Center
Weight 2.75 kg
Height 267 mm
Width 360 mm
Depth 36.8 mm
Colour Grey / Silver

Price is just $499 for a quick sale. INC DELIVERY

Email me at if your interested

Hope to hear from you soon
Sorry, but your price(s) make this look like it's a scam. Provide proof that you have this laptop (photo of the item with your name written on a piece of paper) and for your other items or these threads will be deleted.
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Dont be sorry, its perfectly understandable.

Me and my partner work in ICT.

When we order products for testing, we have enough money left over to buy a few extras. What i sell are the extras. Because i havent paid a penny for this machine, anything is a profit and as christmas is getting closer i need quick money.

I hope you understand now.

I am unable to provide any photos with my name written on a peice of paper because this machine is at home and i dont get back until next week.

If anyone is interested in my machines, i will discuss it with them and we go from there. When i recieve a payment that me and the buyer have agreed on, i will phone my partner who will sort out the delivery of the product.

I understand how it looks like a scam, its ashame you have to be on guard for scammers, but hopfully you will believe the truth above and let this thread live on.

Thank you

EDIT: I will post some screenies of my WoW Accounts now, unfortunatly i havent got any on my machine here for the Computers.
I am going to agree with Venom in this case...

I am actually lookin for a nice laptop for myself, so the quicker you provide proof of ownership (and perhaps some eBay or HEATWARE feedback) the quicker we MIGHT be able to work out a deal
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Hm thats a shame because i could do with the cash for xmas Ice.

I do not use ebay, i was put of by the trevor mcdonald news report about scams etc... so i cant give you any feedback.

Ok, i will have a look and see if i can find the Receipt or any other emails recieved from PCWORLD on my works email account and post it ASAP as proof i have the laptop.

Will that be enough to prove this is not a scam? because i cant provide anything else.

Thank you
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Ok, i have found this on my works email:

Confirm Collect @ Store Order
Please print this page or make a note of the reference number and take it to your selected store.
Your reference number is: 0771i5p

Please come to store before close of business on: Wednesday 6th December 2006

Store details

Store name: Manchester
Address: 750 Chester Road Stretford Gt Manchester M32 0WZ

Customer details

Name: Mr Daniel Carr
Contact number: ___________

Information about collecting your items

Please print this page or write down your reference number and take it with you when you go to collect your order.

The Collect @ Store pick up point is located at the Advice & Services counter near the front of the store.

Your order has been paid for, please collect when you arrive at store.

All purchases are subject to our standard in store terms and conditions (these differ from our online terms and conditions).

Please allow at least 1 hour before collecting your order.

Here are details of the product(s) you wish to collect from our Manchester store.

Collect @ Store from Manchester

Item Description Quantity Total Price


SYMANTEC NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2007 PC CD ROM Norton Internet Security 2007 Bonus Pack - HALF PRICE! When you buy any PC or laptop
Offer Price 29.99, Usual Price 59.99
We feel it is our duty to protect your PC and we have teamed up with the award wining Internet Security team from Symantec to bring you this fantastic bonus pack
Also includes Norton Save & Restore and Go Back 1 29.99

Total Cost inc vat 829.98

This is all i can find to prove i have the laptop.

I hope this is enough.

Thank you


This is the wrong reciept and i cant find the one for this model.

My bad
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Ok, hopefully Ice and i will wrap this deal up and then this thread can be deleted.

If we dont come to an agreement, i will let you guys know and carry on the sale.

Thank you
At this point I do not see there being a deal unless you can possibly upload some pictures for us and/or send the unit first to await payment next and/or perhaps take like $100 down and the rest upon reception of the unit.

Anything else you guys can think of?
Not unless he can provide ABSOLUTE proof that he has this unit.
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Sent you a PM Ice

Images of the laptop as PROOF i have the laptop.

Your images that were send in the PM were broken links.
Please upload the images to the thread here so everyone can see them; keep in mind i mentioned we MIGHT have a deal. Forgive me but I am just a bit apprehensive at this point
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Says there is an error when i try uploading the images *sigh*
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Here are the images, hope it works this time.

Thank you

Fixed images. Thanks for taking the time, I'm sure you'll have better luck now. Another note, Vengenx is from the UK? so I'm not sure how shipping will work. -Venom
there is the image of the laptop the guy seems honest give me a try.
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