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I haven't recently made any changes to my system, connected any new hardware or installed anything short of the new iTunes. Nonetheless, after logging in this morning my mouse and keyboard (logitech wireless desktop, through USB) didn't respond so that I could log in.

I used an old keyboard to progress past the Logon page (which I put straight into the keyboard plug - the round purple one) however have noticed that every USB device on computer fails to work! This includes the internet (wireless USB dongle), my printer (through USB) and my printer (USB also). I tried plugging in my ipod, and while it is able to charge, it is not recognized by my system!

Am currently using my laptop (which the wireless desktop, printer, ipod all work on) and have tried swapping the devices to empty USB ports, but nothing works! I am currently running Windows XP SP2. Please help!
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Well most people never disable the system restore so try doing that, all it does is change the system files, not your data files so no worries on losing stuff.
Goto the Device Manager (right-click my computer > properties > hardware > device manager) and see if the items under USB controllers are all clean with NO green, yellow or red marks. For better, make a screenshot of that part so to help u to solve this problem.

when u see special colored marks, most likely there are false configuration on ur USB ports, which is complicated to explain and fix remotely. Call tech support if u see marks if u dont know how it can be fixed. : )

However, if u want to give risk-taking try, try to double-click the marked item see if u can update the driver for it. But again, there are tons of ways to fix it, depends on the true problem it is. : (