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I have an old PC with Asus i440BX P2B motherboard, Pentium II 350 Mhz and 256 RAM (PC133). It runs well and it can meet my personal computer needs adequately.

I was thinking of upgrading the CPU + (perhaps) add another 256 RAM so that it will run faster. Can someone please advise what the general guideline is in choosing the CPU? Is the socket (in this case slot 1 I guess) is the only factor to consider? Or are there other factors to consider?.

Any suggestion which CPU is recommended to be used for the upgrade in this motherboard?

It depends what you want to use it for. If you want it for gaming then i would suggest building a new rig as yours seems to be very dated. However, if you do wish to upgrade you CPU i think you would need to upgrade your mobo as well as i doubt you would get a very good cpu for a slot 1 board.
You may be out of luck with the CPU. The fastest PII I was able to find was only 450mhz and was over $100 for the CPU. You would be better off saving up a little and buying a new entry level system. Buying older parts (ie Athlon XP, maybe even a Duron) won't cost too much and will be many times faster than your current setup.
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